Wolfgang Kramer

Wolfgang Kramer ( born June 29, 1942 in Stuttgart ) is a German game designer.


Kramer left the school after the eleventh grade to complete a business education. He then worked for 27 years in the automotive supplier Bosch. In 1988, he announced, was, however, grant a three-year right of return. Trained in business administration and computer science was self-employed and has been employed since 1989 full time with the development of board and card games. He is considered one of the most important representatives of the world-renowned German author game. Overall, Kramer has published more than 100 games. Five times he received the coveted Game of the Year. As an author of mystery books ( " The Palace of Mystery ," " The mystery of the pyramid " ) Kramer has also made ​​a name.

The special features of the Kramer games heard that they often arise in collaboration with other authors. Kramer 1989, founded the KRAG team for the development of communicative games. The game of 1996 El Grande was developed jointly with Richard Ulrich, Tikal and Torres together with Michael Kiesling.

Kramer bar

After Wolfgang Kramer Kramer bar is named: In his 1984 published game Heimlich & Co. is on the edge of the game board a bar mapped to the one marked how many points each player has. This form points to count has since been used in many games.



In 2012 he was awarded the Special Prize for the German game prize for his life's work.


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