Torres (board game)

Game of the Year 2000 German Games Award 2000: 2nd place Gamers Choice Awards 2000: Multiplayer Nominees

The board game Torres is an author game for two to four people by Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling. It was published in 1999 in FX, a label from Ravensburger and Rio Grande Games in 2000 and was awarded Game of the Year.

2005 appeared a new edition of Rio Grande Games, which is distributed in Germany by Abacus games.

Game equipment

Game play

Aim of the game is to build as a knight of the king of Castile possible great and mighty castles.

From castle blocks that are piled up on the game board to growing castles, players each try to distribute their colored knights so that they are the highest posted on extremely large castles. It should be noted that no one owns a castle and everyone can grow at each castle, as long as the cultivation rules are observed. These are: There must be no castles are linked by the blocks. A castle can only be as high as its base is large.

The game consists of three phases, each phase consisting of three to four rounds. At the end of each phase of an evaluation is performed, in which there are points for castles, in which one is involved. For each of his knights in a castle obtained the Castle base times height of the field on which the knight stands points.

With five action points at the start of a round the player knights can increase their castles, bring into play, have them run the other still unoccupied castles or draw cards on which promotions are allowed.

As far as Torres is a pure strategy game. The luck factor in the basic version are the action cards. An action card that costs one point, players are allowed special traits that set the actual rules to override, the insertion of additional modules or more action points. Whoever draws the right card from the pile, can affect the game significantly.

In the master version of each player has an identical set of action cards available, of which one per round can be specifically selected and used.