Enchanted Forest (game)

Game of the Year 1981 shortlist Game of the Year 1982

Enchanted Forest is a board game from the games publisher Ravensburger for 2 to 6 players, ages 6. It comes from the authors Michel Matschoss and Alex Randolph. In 1982, received the award for game of the year and since then has been sold over 3 million copies. 2011 appeared a new edition at Ravensburger with the new version of the game " Fairy Godmother ".


The now published in a different design package contains next to the board yet:


Enchanted Forest is a mixture of memory and Ludo. On the Schedule a village (Start), a castle (target ) and a fairy-tale forest are shown. In this are the fir trees on the underside of each a fairytale icon is displayed, such as Cinderella's shoes or the ball of the frog king. The other players try the Christmas tree with the fairy tale track, which is just revealed on the pile of cards in the castle. For this, the players roll two dice in turn and pull it through the fairy forest or to the castle. The players can play the characters of other players throw. If a player reaches a tree, he considered alone the bottom. If this is the desired fairy tale, the player draws the castle and tried there to reach the key field. If he succeeds, he shall designate the right tree and then obtain the corresponding fairytale card. Is it under the tree to another tale, the player tries to keep the popular symbol for the rest of the game in mind and also to conquer the fairy tale map once it is revealed. If the active player rolls two of a kind, he may in addition to its normal possible moves alternatively also perform the following actions:

  • Draw his character to any tree field and there look at the subject.
  • Draw his character on the field with the castle bridge.
  • All questions of the card stack and mix randomly discover a new card.

If a player can conquer three fairy tale cards, he is the winner. A game takes about 30 to 45 minutes.

In the 30- year anniversary edition is the new variation of " good fairy " has been introduced to the basic game. Who rolls a 7, gets the " good fairy " and is allowed to make a train. In addition, the fairy protects the player and he must not be sent back to the village.


The game is equally playable by children and adults, as younger players have experienced no disadvantages due to the proven advantage in memory games. The success of the family game shows clearly by the more than 30-year existence of the game in publishing repertoire. In English-speaking countries it appeared in 1982 under the name of Enchanted Forest.

Other meanings

Also there are a number of game - books with the name Sagaland.