Alhambra (board game)

Game of the Year 2003 German Games Award 2003: 2nd place Essen spring 2003 As d' Or 2003 International Gamers Award 2003: Nominated Dutch Games Award 2005: Nominated

Alhambra and The Palace of Alhambra is a Brett-/Legespiel by Dirk Henn for two to six players, which was published in 2003 by Queen Games and awarded in the same year as the game of the year.

In the first edition of the game was called "Alhambra". As a result of the same name with another, published in Switzerland in 1997 Play the game from the second edition was published as " The Palace of the Alhambra ."

Developed under the editorial responsibility of Bernd Dietrich game based on the 1998 published by Queen Games Brett-/Kartenspiel Is so, which in turn was a revised edition of the 1992 come out in Dirk Henn's self-published Al Capone.

  • 3.1 Alhambra - The Dice Game
  • 3.2 The Gardens of the Alhambra
  • 3.3 Granada
  • 3.4 New York
  • Alhambra 3.5 - The Card Game
  • 4.1 The Palace of Alhambra - Gold Edition
  • 4.2 Alhambra Family Box
  • 4.3 Alhambra Big Box


Aim of the game is in his Alhambra to achieve through display of square playing cards ( buildings) as many victory points. The building cards must be purchased in advance with play money cards in four different currencies. Each turn, the player has the choice to get money to buy and build or rebuild the Alhambra. Through the features are added further options.

The special attraction of the game is derived from the combination of different game elements:

  • When buying a building must perform up to five moves when you pay appropriately.
  • The building cards have partially solid edges ( walls ). In the Alhambra walls may only limits on walls.
  • The ratings also the longest possible outer wall of the Alhambra will be awarded, however, which limits the possibilities for further expansion.
  • The timing of the first two of three votes is not exactly predictable.


The first expansion - The Favor of the Vizier

It complements the original game by four rules:

  • Wesirstein: Allow a turn Buy and build, even if it is not your turn
  • Sheds: Adjacent buildings of the same color to be upgraded
  • Exchange offices: It can be paid in two currencies
  • Bonus Cards: Appropriate building values ​​are doubled

The second extension - The gates of the city

Also it gives the game four new supplement options:

  • Gates of the city: Allow it to build there, where before the city walls were in your way.
  • Camp: Evaluate all of the following building cards that are on the marked side of the part to a point on
  • Diamonds: Replace any other currency when buying, but can not be used as a kind of Joker in combination.
  • Character Cards: Can be bought and have different abilities

The 3rd Expansion - The hour of Thieves

The third extension contains again four new expansion options:

  • Thieves Controls: Allow the player to take a bill out of order ( like the Wesirsteine ​​the first extension)
  • Walls: Allow separate building of the walls to close gaps in the walls
  • Change: The change brings back coins if you had not paid appropriately
  • Hawkers: bring extra points if you build them the right building

The 4th Enlargement - The treasury of the caliphs

Also this extension contains four complementary features:

  • Treasury: Contains treasures that bring additional points
  • Baumeister Cards: Facilitate the conversion of the Alhambra and of expanding the money supply to
  • Attacker: Access and run the palace u.U. the withdrawal of victory points
  • Bazaars: Bring in the last special additional victory points

The fifth extension - The Power of the Sultan

Also this extension contains four complementary features:

  • The Moorish arts: reward buying the same expensive building with additional victory points.
  • The Caravanserai: gives the necessary money to pay appropriately.
  • The new scoring cards: shake up the fixed value of the building types.
  • The Power of the Sultan: allows selective access to certain buildings.


  • The magical buildings are only available on the International Spieletage and run six new buildings, which are referred to as "magical" and at any time may be rotated to facilitate application.

The 6th Enlargement - The Falconer

This expansion with four new modules has been announced but not yet published (October 2013):

  • The Falconer: Can between four equally colored buildings are built.
  • The site: make reservations building for half the purchase price.
  • The bill of exchange: use change for future purchases.
  • The portals: Expand the city walls

Independent Games of the Alhambra series

Alhambra - The Dice Game

Alhambra - The Dice Game is the game of dice variant of Alhambra and appeared in October 2006 at the Queen. It was also developed by Dirk Henn and is designed for two to six players.

The dice game can either be played as a game or as a variation with the basic game. Buildings are not purchased here, but earned with doubles. However, the cubes bear no numbers, but Buildings symbols. At the end of each round is evaluated, who could get the best dice rolls.

In the basic variant, only the building earned are counted. In combination with the basic game, each player builds his own Alhambra to the construction and evaluation rules of the basic game. The combination of the dice game with the extensions is not logically possible.

The Gardens of the Alhambra

The gardens of Alhambra is a strategy game from Dirk Henn for two to four players. It was released in the fall of 2004 at Queen. It is a thematically revised edition of the - 1992 self-published or published by 1998 Queen - abstract thinking game Carat. The graphic design of the gardens leans visually from the bestseller Alhambra.

The buildings will be designed at the beginning of the game on the plan. Gradually, then, the Garden tiles are drawn by the players and applied to the building. Once all four sides of a building surrounded by gardens platelets is evaluated. The goal is to have the majority of the plants in their own color. Whoever succeeds, gets the appropriate points. The winner is who could surround most of the buildings with their own plants.


Granada is a placement game from Dirk Henn for two to six players. It was published in October 2009 at the Queen. Thematically, it is located in Granada in the Middle Ages after the construction of the Alhambra.

New York

New York is a placement game from Dirk Henn for two to six players. It was announced in 2010 by Queen.

Alhambra - The Card Game

Alhambra - The Card Game is a card game version of Alhambra. It was also developed by Dirk Henn and is designed for two to six players. It was 2010 by Queen along with the countries editions Alhambra - The Card Game: - The Card Game Belgium and Alhambra: The Netherlands announced. For dealers can be found also evidence of the cities Aachen editions and New York.

Alhambra Special Editions

The Palace of Alhambra - Gold Edition

The Palace of Alhambra - Gold Edition is a commemorative edition of Alhambra with a great game plan and wooden figures, which act as starting wells. She appeared in 2008 at Queen. The Gold Edition is compatible with all five published extensions.

Alhambra Family Box

This is a published version in January 2011 in the basic game, the first extension and Granada is included.

Alhambra Big Box

In the Big Box Edition (April 2012), both the base game, as well as the extensions 1 to 5 are included. The entire base game material and also the material for a total of 20 extension modules found in the box his own place and is ordered by extensions.