Game of the Year 1979 shortlist The Golden Pawns 1979: 1st place The Golden Pawns 1982, 1983: 3rd place The Golden Pawns 1986, 1987: 2nd place German Games Award 1993: 5th place Essen spring 1993

Acquire (English: acquire ) is a classic board game by game designer Sid Sackson. It is an economic strategy game in which the players make money in connection with the establishment of hotel chains by buying and selling stocks.

Acquire first appeared in 1962 in the USA 3M Company. Meanwhile, there have been several editions, including several in German language. In Germany it was published by Schmidt Spiele also under the titles hotel sharks and Hotel King (1982).


In the game two to six players can participate. One player takes on the stock market and handles all exchange transactions such as the purchase of shares. Each player is given a certain start-up capital ( depending on number of participants ) and an information card.

The schedule is divided into 9 × 12 fields that are uniquely identified by numbers and letters. Besides lying, face down, 108 stones, which are assigned to the fields. Set the hotels dar. Each player draws at the beginning six stones. A move consists of placing a stone on the field assigned to it, the handle may thus triggered actions, buy stock and tighten. It is important to make sure that ( the domino game similar ) horizontal and vertical stones next to each other, because that arise Chains (up to 7 different with different starting price ), whose shares (25 per hotel chain ) increase in value. This and the majority shareholders of the smaller chain touches a stone to another chain, so merge will be compensated financially. Each shareholder of the smaller chain can then decide if he sold his shares to the last valid price, 2:1 exchanged for shares of the larger chain or reserves. Has won at the end, after the payment of premiums and sale of the majority shares, the player with the most money.