Mississippi Queen (board game)

Game of the Year 1997 German Games Award 1997: 4th place Essen spring 1997

Mississippi Queen is a game for 3-5 players by Werner Hodel. The game was released in 1997 Goldsieber and was elected this year for the game of the year. 1998 published by Rio Grande Games an English edition


  • Game of the Year 1997
  • Essen spring 1997
  • German Games Award 1997: 4th place


The characters are made ​​of plastic. The flow components are divided into 20 hexes. They can be connected in three different directions with each other, so that the flow stream may vary. The six-page special cube has two straight arrows, two curves to the left and two to the right.

Game background

The game takes players into the April of the year in 1871. In New Orleans, the best steamer captains meet for the annual race on the Mississippi. It is about the title of the Mississippi Queen of the fastest steamer of the Mississippi.

Aim of the game

The aim of the game is to sail his steamer as soon as possible to the finish, on the road must be taken on board while passengers. The crux of the story: the river is not known, so one must be careful when navigating, because to make matters worse, the coal is scarce on board.

Game play

All players begin their paddle steamer on a river part. The two hexagonal " paddle wheels " indicate the speed of the ship and the coal supply. Accelerating and decelerating cost coal, and who does not have enough running aground and sees the target from a distance.

Round Robin navigate the player, depending on the speed is a certain number of movement points available. Should a paddle steamer, the flow field is determined using the special cube as the next piece flow is applied to the existing river bed, thereby emerges during each game a new river. When each player has drawn the turn order is determined again: Whose boat is furthest forward, which must move first.


The last part is the river Landungsmole, there decide the finish of the steamer over their placement.

Happiness factor

The river is determined by a dice, so that you can have quite a bit of luck, some by just being on the river side "right" and thus, the inner curve. Nevertheless, one must develop the right tactics in relation to the coal consumption so as not to rush into the Landungsmole at the end, because there is no more coal there is for ultimate braking. The fact that the player who is at the forefront, you have to take the first train in a round, a player may rear already respond to a new piece flow, while the first player must navigate to the " Dark ".


The extension Mississippi Queen - The Black Rose was released in 1998 The most important change was that the game is now playable for 2-6 players (instead of just 3 to 5). . Added also is the neutral steamer Black Rose. Also stood at new map pieces that bring obstacles especially.