Kingdom Builder

Game of the Year 2012 German Games Award 2012: 7th place International Gamers Award 2012: Nominated

Kingdom Builder is a strategy board game by Donald X. Vaccarino, published in 2011 by Queen Games with illustrations by Oliver Schlemmer in a German, an English and an international version (English, French, Dutch, Spanish, German ). A Finnish- Swedish version was released in 2012 by

The game received the award 2012 Game of the Year, is listed at the German Games Award 2012 in 7th place and was at the International Gamers Award 2012 in the category General Strategy - nominated multi-player.

Game Description

Kingdom Builder is a construction game in which players assume the role of settlers, each will create an own kingdom. The Schedule is variable assembled. The aim of the game is to end up owning most of the gold, the conditions for achieving this goal, however, change with each game.

Game play

Each player receives houses in his color, then the schedule from four ( out of eight ) parts of the game plan is put together: each Each part shows two identical local fields ( only the port field is present only once ) that are shared by two corresponding location tiles. Even a castle field is present on any part of the game plan. The remaining fields are assigned to specific landscape areas. The landscape cards are shuffled and kept as an undercover deck. Three order cards are designed Pre Game: All players try during the game, their homes profitably as possible according to the task ( for example, to build as many houses in a horizontal row ) to place.

Who is on the train, draws the top card scenery and sets three of his houses on adjacent, suitable landscape areas (where only one house may be set per field). Then the next player 's turn. In further rounds must, if possible, always be attached to adjacent houses already begun their own chains.

In addition there are two special fields: ( i) Who builds next to a castle, gets at the end of each castle field, is at least a house, 3 victory points. ( ii ) Those who build adjacent to a local field, gets a ausliegendes location tiles (if still available): location tiles can be permanently employed in own trains to run special promotions (such as the assignment of an additional field). Every once acquired tile may be used only once each turn but.

If a player has placed all the houses, is evaluated: Who made by the common mission maps and positioning of his houses at Castle fields with the most points is the winner.


  • The 2012 published extension " Nomads " brings game material for a fifth player, 3 new Kingdom Builder cards, 4 new landscape quadrant and nomads platelets with special benefits that can be used only once in the whole game.
  • The 2013 published extension " Crossroads" offers further 4 Landscape quadrants and 8 location tiles. Furthermore, warriors, covered wagons, ships, and the erection of forts, roads and places of refuge in the game are introduced.