International Gamers Award

The International Gamers Award ( IGA ) is an award annually game prize, whose jury is international.

Between 2000 and 2002, the Gamers' Choice Award was awarded by the Strategy Gaming Society. For this price then went out of the 2003 IGA. In 2008, the awards were presented to the international game fair in Essen.


The prize was awarded to 2009 in two categories:

  • 2 Historical Simulation Games ( wargames )

The price in the second category was last awarded in 2009, in the first category but two prices will continue to be awarded.

The games of the first category must have been published in the period 1 July of the previous year to 30 June of the current year. The games of the second category, however, had in the previous year (January 1 to December 31) have been published. By 2002, the games category Strategy Games General for the period 1 January had to have been published until 31 December of the previous year. Due to the adoption of this mode, a specific IGA for the games, which was published in the period 1 January 2002 to 30 June 2002, introduced in 2003 for this period.

The jury for the Strategy is currently (2012 ) of 20 individuals from Europe and America formed (7 × U.S., 4 × UK, Germany 3 ×, 2 × Netherlands, 1 × Denmark, France, Italy, Austria ). These are players or journalists for Games Magazine. In the conflict simulations 2008 16 people formed the jury. These came mainly from North America, where conflict simulation games ( KoSims ) are more common than in Europe and elsewhere.

Award winners and nominees

* HS = Historical Simulation; GS MP = general strategy for more than two players; GS -2P = general strategy for two players