Fresco (board game)

German Games Award 2010: 1st place Game of the Year 2010: nominated Graf Ludo 2010: 1 Family Games Dutch Games Award 2010: Nominated International Gamers Award 2010: Nominated Japan Boardgame Prize 2010: 7th place As d' Or - Jeu de l' Année 2011: nominated more ...

Fresco is a 2010 published at Queen Games Board Game by Marco and Marcel Ruskowski Süßelbeck for 2 to 4 players. Players assume the role of frescoes painters of the Renaissance, which will restore a large ceiling painting in the cathedral.

The game in 2010 reached the first place in the German Games Award and was nominated for game of the year. The illustrations were created by Oliver Schlemmer ausgzezeichnet with the Graf Ludo 2010 in family games.


  • Match material of cardboard: 14 Market platelet
  • 25 fresco tiles (value 3 to 11)
  • 60 coins 36x value 1
  • 16x value 5
  • 8x value 10


Module 1: The Portraits

Module 2: The orders of the Bishop

Module 3: The special color mixes

  • 7 fresco tiles ( value 13-24 )
  • 12 colored stones, each 6 in the colors brown and pink
  • 4 extended mixed tables ( back of the normal mixing tables)
  • 1 Altar platelet
  • Supplement 1, 4 A4 pages ( multi-colored)


Players must decide when to begin their daily work, the earlier the worse the mood of their agents and the more expensive the colors are on the market at first. But the sooner a painter begins, the greater the selection on the market and the painter can renovate or mixed with the colors obtained the most lucrative locations of the fresco. Incidentally, it is by painting portraits to earn money to afford the colors of the frescoes and may from time to time to allow the agents to visit the theater, so that their mood rises again. Because the atmosphere is too bad, them is an assistant less available. In a good mood but help the neutral assistants to the Master. Fresco tiles is played until only six or less on the game board. The winner is the player with the most victory points, which he received for the finished frescoes parts or the restoration of the altar. Through three modules ( The portraits, the orders of the bishop and the special color mixes ) are other elements into play.


The game board is double-sided, so that for three and four players ready respective own game plan. When only two players want to play, they use the plan for three and provide additional " Leonardo " on. This Leonardo role is a "silent participant" is alternately controlled by one of two real players and apply to the different, simplified rules.


  • 2010: nominated for Game of the Year
  • 2010: German game prize winners
  • 2010: Winner Graf Ludo
  • 2010: Winner Pfefferkuchel
  • 2010: nominated for Nederlandse Spellenprijs
  • 2010: nominated for the International Gamers Award
  • 2010: nominated for Gouden Ludo
  • 2010: nominated for Premio Juego del Año
  • 2010: 7th Board Game at the Japan Prize
  • 2011: nominated for the As d' Or - Jeu de l' Année

Expansion modules

As an extension of the game three more modules (4, 5 and 6) are offered. The 3 additional extensions for Fresco in any combination, even with the extensions of the basic game.

Exclusive Expansion Modules

In October 2010 in Essen was at the game fair game '10 the module 7 to get " Scrolls ", which is now being sold by Queen Games as an official expansion. Each player is in this range, two scrolls. These mark each part (one horizontal and one vertical) of the fresco. Is restored in this area of the fresco, you get 2 victory points. In October 2011, an expansion module was at the game fair game '11 again available, the module 8 " The favor of the bishop ." On the being laid fresco tiles in turn obscured smaller tiles are placed. You now have a restored section, we obtain the covert flakes in addition to the fresco tiles and thus a one-time reward. This reward can be a color, a victory point, increased by 1 atmosphere or additional money to be.

Big Box

Queen Games has funded through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter a fresco Big Box. They should contain all 10 modules published and released in April 2014.