6 nimmt!

Game of the Year 1994: shortlist German Games Award 1994: 1st place à la carte Card Game Award 1994: 1st place Mensa Select 1996 Dutch Games Award 2003: Nominated

6 takes is a card game by Wolfgang Kramer, was published by the German publisher Amigo games. The game in 1994 was awarded the German game prize. Until January 2005 1.5 million games were sold.

The game was released in different languages. Thus, it appeared, inter alia, in the U.S. as Take 6 at U.S. Games Systems, in Dutch as Take 5! takes in 999 games, in Finnish, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian than 6! at lautapelit.fi, in Greek as πάρε 5! at kaissa Games, in Hungarian as Vigyáz ( z) 6! at Piatnik, bere in Czech and Slovak as 6! at Albi, in Spanish as ¡ Toma 6!, in Portuguese as 6 .. pega! .

With a different theme ( hurricanes instead of idiots ), slightly different rules and modified graphics published the American publisher Pando Games 2004 the game as a Category 5

Game rules

There are four cards placed in the middle. Each player is dealt ten cards in his hand. The players lay concealed each one freely chosen card on the table in each round. The cards are all revealed simultaneously.

The order in which the cards are applied to the four rows of cards, is determined by the height of the map. First, the lowest, the second lowest card, etc. is applied. The cards are supplied to the one of the four rows of cards, where the last card number of the card has the smallest difference to be applied to the card. But the last card, the card number must be lower than the card to be applied. In other words, it must be applied to the series, where top of the highest card is even smaller.

If one a card that is deeper than the deepest last card of the four rows of cards, any card number must be taken ( usefully be the one in which the fewest minus points ( idiots ) are located). If your sound card, the sixth of the series, you have to take the series and thus receives the negatives ( idiots ) that are located in this series. Do you have to take a number, its own card remains as the first card of the new series.

The maps obtained are not taken back in hand, therefore, the game ends after ten rounds. The winner is the player who has received the fewest idiots.

More Ways to Play

A successor of the game with similar rules is the card game idiots! , Which appeared at Amigo 1998. 2004 then appeared the board game dance of idiots! . Later, based on came this game, the card takes 11! and Bull Party Amigo do so. For the 20th anniversary came in January 2014 issued a special edition with new custom maps and game variants.