List of Mensa Select recipients

Mensa Select is a game prize for board, card and role-playing games, which is awarded by the American Section of the Association of Mensa International. Each year this award is given five games in Mind Games competition, which are characterized by particular intellectual challenges.

American Mensa has also the purpose to stimulate the mental abilities of its members and to promote opportunities for intellectual and social exchanges with one another. Therefore, corresponding to the selection of such games this purpose. The winners will be identified as such on the packaging and in advertising and is found in the book and game stores in the U.S. often a shelf of Mensa Select games.


Although the price has been around since 1990, he is awarded quasi- democratic only since 1996. The first six years of the Mensa Select Award winners were selected by a committee in New York City. Since 1996, hundreds of Mensa members meet annually at Mind Games, an event which takes place annually. Each player plays at least 30 of the games submitted by game publishers. At the end of the meeting everyone chooses his favorites. The five most popular games are named Mensa Select award winners. Since 2010, the German section of Mensa gives a similar distinction, the MinD - game prize.

List of Winners