Game of the Year in Sweden 2005 Game of the Year in Finland 2006 Mensa Select 2006 "Play well " award in Germany in 2007

Pentago is a two-person strategy game with the goal of bringing first five in their own stones in a line. The game was in 2003 by Tomas / Michael Flodén in Sweden invented and published by Mind Twister 2005. Published in 2007 a ​​version with a pitch of plastic in the cosmos.


The board game consists of four quadrants, each with three times three fields. Each quadrant is rotated individually. Each player places alternately a pawn in their own color on the board. After each setting of the respective player must then turn to any quadrant by a quarter in any direction; if rotating neutral quadrants exist, can also be dispensed with turning ( for example, if in one quadrant only the center recess is occupied about ).

The winner is the player who manages to be the first to bring five of his checkers horizontally, vertically, or diagonally in a line. The game ends in a draw, if obtained by rotating a quadrant both players play five stones in a row, or when the board is filled completely without any player has won.

If by placing a rock win situation arise, then the game ends without then then one quadrant needs to be rotated.

Strategy and tactics

The game must be played defensively and offensively at the same time. It is especially important, depriving the enemy of the opportunity to put three pieces in a row in one quadrant. Only in the case of a diagonal of this threat, by placing a rock diagonally are neutralized on the other quadrants in the middle.

Dangerous are also moves that show the fields 2, 4 and 6 of a quadrant.

Pentagonal one of the games strong dissolved: it was shown with the help of computers, the first player with perfect game always wins and there is a computer program that can find an optimal position for each train.


  • Game of the Year 2005 in Sweden
  • Game of the Year 2006 in Finland
  • Mensa Select 2006
  • "Play well " award in Germany in 2007


Pentagonal XL is an advanced Pentago for two to four players with nine quadrants to three times three fields. Pentagonal Arena is the normal Pentago as large table version ( 44x44cm ).

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