Louis XIV (board game)

German Games Award 2005: 1st place International Gamers Award: Finalist Multiplayer

Louis XIV is a board game designed by Rüdiger Dorn for two to four people, it appeared on German 2005 Alea and in English by Rio Grande Games.

Louis XIV won in 2005 at the German game prize 1st place.

Game equipment

  • 90 game cards
  • 12 people boards
  • 60 Coat of Arms
  • 34 Mission Chips
  • 32 coins
  • 1 Start Player cards
  • 1 character " Louis XIV"
  • 1 set of instructions

Game play

Players travel back in time of absolutism, to the court of the French " Sun King " Louis XIV One must at the court of the Sun King but the " right" people to know and gain their support to move forward, ie in the favor of the king highest to rise. This reach the player by completing various missions. Since bribed and influenced what it's worth, because often only get one mission chip, which currently has the most influence on the personalities at the court of King Louis XIV.

The game ends after the fourth evaluation phase. The players will each receive one coat of arms for: 1 Influence Card, 1 Intrigekarte, 1 Mission chip, 1 stone influence on a person or panel 3 Louis d'or. After that, all players reveal their coat of arms. Any player of some sort has the most crest, coat of arms gets a bonus. Are all 6 places crest been dealt, each player counts the total number and added to 5 victory points per mission fulfilled. The player with the most victory points is the winner of the game.