Ticket to Ride (board game)

Game of the Year 2004 German Games Award 2004: 6th place Swiss Family Games Games Award 2004: 2nd place International Gamers Award 2004: Finalist Multiplayer Origins Award 2004: Best Board Game Dutch Games Award 2004: Nominated As d' Or 2005

Train by train Europe International Gamers Award 2005: Multiplayer winner

Train to train is a board game of the British author Alan R. Moon games, in which it comes to the construction of railways in the United States. The English edition was published under the name Ticket to Ride. 2004, it received the world's most prestigious award for board games, the critics' prize game of the year.

The American game publisher Days of Wonder is the first non - European publisher who received this award, while Alan R. Moon was honored by Elfenland 1998 for the second time with the game of the year. 1999, his game Union Pacific, also a game with the background of railway, for the game of the year was nominated. Train by train takes - not only visually - unmistakable bonds at Union Pacific, whose board is also a North American map.

Game Description

The game principle is to collect cards wagon to take a given railway network with the help of small plastic trains gradually in possession. This sets the color of the playing fields between the towns, which wagon cards must be collected. If the number and color of the wagon cards with those of the playing fields between two cities, the route may be filled with cars of their own color. There are rating points, the length of the track is crucial. Also at the end of the game points are awarded once again. For this, the routes must be met on the so-called target cards. From this goal, each player draws cards face down three piece at the beginning of which he must keep at least two. You can also follow repeated three target cards from which one must keep at least one during the game. But who does not meet the game objectives, but gets minus points. The interaction with the other players is limited to the occupation of the routes, which therefore may not be used by others.


  • 2004 appeared the free expansion train to train: Mystery Train, which was available among others at the International Games 2004 days in the game box.
  • Appeared in 2005 under the name of train to train Europe a variant that not only includes a new game board with Europe map, but by the ( special ) construction of tunnels and many short routes has increased appeal to a game. The game won the U.S. International Gamers Award. In the same year, the computer game implementation Ticket to Ride, in addition to the U.S. and European version also includes a Switzerland - Schedule appeared.
  • In 2006 he train to train Marklin, whose repertoire is based in Germany. Also in 2006 appeared to train to train - USA 1910.
  • Since September 2007, there is another variant of train to train: Nordic countries. There is a game board with the countries of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. This issue of train to train was the first to acquire only in the countries mentioned, but since August 2008 under the title train to train Scandinavia also available in Germany. This version is limited to 2 or 3 players. Train to train Switzerland for 2 or 3 players also appeared in 2007.
  • In 2008, the card game train appeared to train - The Card Game
  • 2011 appeared the extension, Alvin & Dexter, which works only with one of the basic games. Also appeared in 2011, the expansion of Asia and India, which is available as a game collection and has new fixtures.
  • At the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2012 train was presented to train Germany. This special issue draws on the board of the Märklin edition of 2006, but some aspects and items of equipment are new. This game is sold only in Germany and Austria. Also in 2012 appeared the extension of train to train in the heart of Africa with its new game board and train routings on the African continent. The expansion is playable with the basic game of train to train Europe. A small extension is published in autumn 2012 Halloween freighter. The set contains laden with pumpkins cars and new stations that replace corresponding elements and are intended to give the game the atmosphere of Halloween.