Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective (gamebook)

CSR Award / Origins Award 1982: Best Fantasy Board Game Game of the Year 1985 As d' Or - Jeu de l' Année: Prix du Jury 2012

Sherlock Holmes Criminal - Cabinet is a detective game book without dice and game plan. The deduction game can be played as a solo or group play.


Developed by Gary Grady, Raymond Edwards and Suzanne Goldenberg game was released 1981/82 in the USA Sleuth Publications as Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, and was published in Germany in 1984 by Franckh cosmos. In the German edition is given as author Anthony Uruburu. The American gaming magazine Games Magazine has named the game in 1982 one of the best games of the year; it received the Charles S. Roberts Award ( Origins Award) for the best fantasy board game in 1982. 1985 Award Germany the critics' prize game of the year. 2011 brought Ystari games out a French edition, the 2012 in France with the As d' Or - Award Jeu de l' Année " Prix du Jury".

Task of the player is to educate Victorian London of Sherlock Holmes ten crimes.


To elucidate the crimes the single player or the group are all kinds of help are available. So there is a copy of the Times, which have to study for clues. An address is a residence possibly befragender persons, which you can then place in the interrogation book. A map helps to bring the locations within relationships. A solution book confirms the investigations made ​​or are in an emergency more tips.


Appeared in 1985 with Sherlock Holmes London scene a sequel with five other cases, which is independently playable. In the same year, Sherlock Holmes came out The Queen's Park Affair, which contains only one case, but has a slightly different game approach that emphasizes the time factor in the investigation. While the first two titles are still traded relatively frequently used, the Queen's Park Affair is only very rare to find.

In English, there are three other titles from the series Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Gary Grady: In 1984 Sherlock Holmes & The Baby; 1986: Adventures by Gaslight (ISBN 1883240654 ) and 1995: West End Adventures (ISBN 1,883,240,700th

Computer game

1991 appeared with Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective, a PC implementation of the board game template in the form of an interactive movie adventures. By 1993, two sequels were released with Vol II and Vol III, whereby a total of nine cases were digitally converted. Currently, a new edition of Adventures is planned.