Thurn and Taxis (board game)

Game of the Year 2006 German Games Award 2006: 2nd place Game of the Year 2006: Games Hit (playing with friends ) International Gamers Award 2006: Finalist Multiplayer Dutch Games Award 2007: Nominated

Thurn and Taxis is a board game that was elected in 2006 Game of the Year. Game designers of the game are the couple Karen and Andreas Seyfarth, it was developed by Hans im Glück and is distributed in Germany by Schmidt Spiele. It can be played by two to four players aged ten years.

Thurn and Taxis is a historical system modeled on the structure of the postal system by the real Thurn und Taxis family game. Aim of the game is to build a stagecoach operation with as long and profitable routes in the Holy Roman Empire of the German nation of the 17th century. It is primarily a tactical game, where the game success depends on luck to some extent.

Game material


The goal is to get victory points. This can be affected by many different factors:

  • Stagecoaches that can be earned on the length of the routes.
  • Bonus points that you get, for example, when you reach a certain stretch or occupied all the cities in a country.

In each round, you have to take a city map from a selection of six ausliegenden, a design of the hand and thus a route to or expand. Can be varied a train by the use of one of four officials. Either the player

  • Two instead of taking a city map ( postmaster ) or
  • Two instead of a city map to add route ( postilion ) or
  • All six ausliegenden city maps with maps from the stack exchange ( bailiff ) or
  • Faster stagecoaches get (Wagner).

If a route contains at least three cities, this can be completed by placement of postal stations. Here, the player has the choice between

  • All cities of a single region on its route or
  • A single city per region, at about regional routes.

If a player has all his mail stations set or acquired the seventh stage stagecoach, the round is played to the end. Then, on the final results.


The courier of the Princess

In spielbox Magazine, issue 5/2006, expanding the courier of the Princess was released exclusively. This consists of a figure and noble letters, that enable additional support by public officials.

Pomp and circumstance

The first official expansion for glamor and style is available since 29 January 2007. In substantive terms, this extension is a stand-alone game with a modified game mechanics; they do has a completely new game plan that shows the north of Germany, and a whole new set of cards. However, it lacks the post houses that need to be taken from the base game.

All roads lead to Rome

The second official expansion " All roads lead to Rome", published in 2008, contains two new variants.

2a) In " All roads lead to Rome" makes itself on the clergy to use the new travel agent for an audience with the Pope. Players send in five wooden carriages their clergy on the way to Rome. You try to draw the carriages so that they arrive at the best possible time. Time there is a long way, sometimes short, and only those who taktiert sent, was admitted to the Pope. In addition to the wooden carriages belong audience tiles and a new Schedule to the material.

2b) In " in office and dignity " come new office platelets overview boards and victory points as material to the base game.