Game of the Year 1998 German Games Award 1998: 3rd place Speelgoed van het Jaar 1998

Elfland is a board game for two to six players, designed by Alan R. Moon and illustrated by Doris Matthäus. It appears at the Amigo Spiel Freizeit GmbH and was named Game of the Year 1998. The game is based on the book edited by Moon self-published White Wind complex " elves Roads". So there is the extension " Elves Gold", which is to enhance the game back to " Elves Roads".

Aim of the game

The players, characterized by an elf boots need to wander through the various landscapes of shown on the Schedule Elves Empire to collect their local stones. They use various means of transportation, which are used depending on the scenery on the way between two cities. The most important element of play is thus to find an optimal path. Winner of the game is who has collected after four rounds, or with the " elves Gold" after six rounds, most of the stones. The extension set complements the game in addition to the auctioning of transportation and does another game principle.


All players are at the beginning of the game in the capital. From there, everyone plans across a successful possible travel route through forests, mountains, deserts, plains or on lakes and rivers for themselves. In order to travel on the roads, imaginative transport wheels like elves, unicorns, clouds, dragons, giant pigs or troll car must be used. However, each vehicle for any terrain is not suitable. For example, the unicorn never run in the plane or the Elfenrad be used in the desert. In order that the players can use the transport, they must be in possession of suitable maps. The systems designed by the appearance of transport can be shared for its own route, as long as you have the matching travel cards in hand. Only the combination of properly planned itinerary, transportation and related travel maps makes a move on the game board possible.