Thomas Lehmann

Tom Lehmann, actually Thomas Lehmann (born 20 century), is an American game designer and game publishers.


1979 Lehmann made ​​his Bachelor of Science in Engineering Arts at Michigan State University, 1982 Master of Science in Engineering - Economic Systems from Stanford University. He then worked among other things as a programmer and technical writer. By developing their own games Lehmann began in the early 1990s, which he published in his own publishing Prism Games and later in TimJim Games ( with Jim Hlavaty ). As of 2002, its games for the English market, among others, Rio Grande Games, and for the German market, among others Hans im Glück and Abacus games appeared. Until 2007/2008 Lehmann has operated game development, avocational, since he is mainly working as a game designer and has been involved in the development of San Juan and other games. Lehmann lives in Palo Alto, California.



  • Game of the Year Magellan: Selection List 2002
  • Magellan: 10th place 2002
  • Magellan: Multiplayer - Nominees 2003
  • To crown and collar: Multiplayer - Nominees 2006
  • Race for the Galaxy: Multiplayer - Nominees 2008
  • Magellan: 2nd place " Best Advanced Game " in 2002
  • To crown and collar: 8th Place " Best Advanced Game " in 2006
  • Race for the Galaxy: 3rd place 2008