Piranha Pedro

Essen spring 2005 Game of the Year 2005: Recommendation List Game of the Year 2005: Games Hit ( family games)

Piranha Pedro is a game for 2 to 6 players, ages 8 by Jens Peter Schliemann, published in 2004 at Gold Sieber, later with Asmodée Editions in English and French. The game lasts about 30 minutes.



At the beginning of the game character " Pedro " is put to the island on the game board. The four land tiles are placed on the four sides of the game board, and indicate in which direction can be set Pedro. Each player receives his 12 movement cards and 4 stones. With the movement cards Pedro can be one to three hexes drawn. If he arrives here on a water box, a piece must be placed from his store there. Before the start of each turn the players secretly select one of their movement cards, then covers beginning with the starting player each his card and moves Pedro. If a player while pulling Pedro on the sidelines or on a field with a Piranha or it may indicate a water box on which he must draw Pedro, lay a stone, he must take the field one of the six piranhas. Then the players get new stones: 1 Stone for movement cards with which Pedro a box is drawn, and for every 2 cards with which it is pulled 2 squares. For cards with which he must be taken three fields far, there are no stones. Then the players get back their movement cards, for starting player is the next player. A game ends when one player has taken his second piranha, he is the loser of the game, all the other winners.


The game manual has been designed in the form of a comic, and received the 2005 Essen spring.


  • 2005: Essen spring
  • 2005: inclusion in the recommendation list for Game of the Year
  • 2005: Game of the Year, Category Games for Families

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