3M stands for Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing and is a global diversified technology group headquartered in St. Paul / Minnesota in the United States. The company manufactures and Others adhesive products. For consumers, 3M is known among other things for its brand Post-it and Scotch.

The Group produces more than 50,000 different products on the basis of 47 technology platforms and more than 25,000 patents. The shares of 3M is one of the most weighted tracks the Dow Jones index.

For the full year 2013, the 3M Company generated sales of 30.9 billion U.S. dollars. The profit amounted to 4.7 billion U.S. dollars.

The Company

Established in 1902, 3M is initially employed in mining and processing of minerals for the manufacture of abrasive paper for the automotive industry. Due to customer demand, the company expanded its product range gradually. For example, company's own researchers developed the first masking tape for the two-tone finish of the then coming into fashion automobiles.

On this basis, the company soon began to diversify and establish internationally. Today it has offices in over 70 countries.

Markets, brands, products

The company name 3M ​​is also the most recognizable brand and acts as an umbrella brand for most products.

Furthermore, there are over 1,000 product brands, such as Vikuiti, Scotchlite, Littmann, tartan or Thinsulate.

Striking is the linking of two main product lines at 3M: The so-called non-woven (often made ​​of polyester ) and the coatings ( coatings). For example, there post- it note paper (carrier ) with a re- releasable adhesive (coating), just like sand paper ( paper or fabric as a carrier, grinding grain as a functional coating ), magnetic tapes or disks (support with a magnetic coating ) CD-R ( polycarbonate carrier with light-sensitive layer for burning ) or movies (support with light-sensitive coating). Example of the nonwoven webs are the grinding of Scotch -Brite sponges. This nonwoven there from very fine without abrasive grain (air filter for hard drives in the micrometer range ) to very coarse abrasive grain ( grinding discs for steel construction ). Fine nonwoven as a carrier with a skin-friendly adhesive and coating results in a patch: For medical devices, both technologies are combined. This combination of materials is also found in many other products from 3M.

Automotive, marine and aviation

In the automotive and supplier industry as well as ship and aircraft manufacturers 3M supplies a wide range of high performance adhesives on polishing and abrasive preparations, painting systems, pollen filter, glass protection films to insulating materials, as well as components for fuel cells.

Office and communication

Among the best known among consumers trademarks of 3M certainly include the post-it sticky notes and Scotch tapes. The success of the post-it sticky notes helped that the term post-it is often commonly used instead of sticky notes as a generic name, even if they are of a different brand.

In addition, the company offers for this market, inter alia, ergonomic products, and projectors and projectors. 1960, 3M the world's first overhead projector manufactures, product name, overhead projector; this term is used today in West Germany as a generic name.

Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunication

In addition to a range of connection components for copper and fiber networks, connectors and Camera Link cable accessories, the company offers the Volition Network Solutions system as a total solution for the expansion or modernization of computer networks. An important product field are also flexible circuit boards.

Originally, 3M media, such as floppy disks and streamer tapes, on its own. Meanwhile, the Imation newly formed group has taken on this task and currently expanding.

Home and Leisure

For household and leisure include, for example, fiber protection, thermal insulation plasters and nonwovens range of supply 3M

Industry and crafts

Other products for industrial manufacturing processes or craft work, for example:

  • Construction Adhesives
  • High performance interconnect systems
  • Security labels
  • Labeling systems
  • Abrasive
  • Ceramic textiles for use in the high temperature range
  • Care and products for the cleaning of buildings
  • Foreclosure materials
  • Intumescent materials

Medicine and Health

The company is one of the world's leading suppliers of medical disposable products for infection prevention in hospitals and in nursing. These include surgical gowns, drapes and masks as well as plaster, boards and products for wound care. Other well-known products are Littmann stethoscopes and Dental products of the branch 3M ESPE AG. With advice and software for DRG introduction, the company has also been a partner for many clinics. Since 2009, a joint venture with Fresenius Kabi.

Safety, Security, and Protection

In road traffic, retroreflective films and fabrics are used, throw back the light incident from the light source and thus make traffic signs, road markings, bicycles, joggers, etc. in darkness visible.

Moreover, labor protection products are offered, ranging from ear, head and face protection up to modular compressed air and air respirator systems. In public transport and buildings security films protect against glass breakage or vandalism.

Advertising and Design

For the presentation of advertising messages on vehicles, buildings or on floor surfaces are graphic films. Additional products in this market include Vikuiti films for mobile displays that provide scratch and view protection or improve readability, as well as touch screen and touch monitor products.


Between 1962 and 1976 presented 3M quality games ago (among Acquire, chess, Ploy and TwixT ) and was one of the major game publishers at this time. This includes the number Bookshelf Games whose outer box was modeled on a book, so you could keep it on the bookshelf. In 1976, the entire game line was sold to Avalon Hill.

3M in Germany

1951, the German subsidiary in Dusseldorf was founded under the name "Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Company GmbH ", since 1972, the company operates under the name "3M Germany GmbH". A total of 18 sites employed the 3M Germany GmbH approximately 6,200 employees. In Neuss near Dusseldorf, the company is headquartered, and the largest European research center since 1973. In the works Hilden Kamen and reflective materials, hygiene products, graphic films, vehicle cabin air filters, abrasives and medical devices are manufactured. From European goods distribution center in Juechen from the company Germany, the Benelux region as well as Northern and Eastern European countries supplied. Also at 3M Germany GmbH include the 3M Medica with locations in Neuss, Berlin and St. Ingbert, 3M's dental division (formerly 3M Espe) in Seefeld and the 3M Unitek in Landsberg am Lech, which sells orthodontic products.

At 3M in Germany include the following companies:

  • 3M Germany GmbH, Neuss, at the same time the German parent company 3M Group
  • Dyneon GmbH, castle churches, manufacture of fluoropolymers
  • 3M Services GmbH formerly quantum networks GmbH, Hannover, system integrator in the field of telecommunications
  • Top service for lingual braces GmbH, Bad Essen, development, production and distribution of orthodontic products
  • ESK Ceramics GmbH & Co. KG, Kempten (Allgäu ), production of high-performance ceramics for components, powders and surfaces

In addition to the global 3M Group subsidiary Winterthur Technology Group with its location in Reutlingen and the associated Wendt GmbH is represented in Germany.

3M in Austria

In Austria, the 3M Austria GmbH was established in 1961 as a subsidiary of 3M Company, and is located about 150 employees in Perchtoldsdorf, on the outskirts of Vienna.

In addition, there is the the global 3M Group subsidiary Winterthur Technology Group and the associated Rappold Winterthur Technologie GmbH with 350 employees at the Villach site.