Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

Anadarko Petroleum is an American company based in The Woodlands, Texas. The company is listed on the stock index S & P 500.

Anadarko Petroleum promotes and sells crude oil and natural gas to its customers. The company employs approximately 4,000 people (2007) and in 2007 achieved total sales of $ 15.892 billion. However, this amount, 4.66 billion USD to extraordinary disposals of assets. From the actual sale of oil and gas generated Anadarko 2007 revenues of $ 11.232 billion, according to 10.204 billion in the previous year. Anadarko Petroleum was founded in 1959. The company is headed by James T. Hackett.

2006, the company Kerr -McGee Corporation and Western Gas Resources were acquired.

Anadarko holds a 25 percent stake in the Bohrlizenz for the Macondo oil field, where in 2010 an oil spill occurred.


The company Kerr -McGee acquired in 2006, Anadarko has infested several premises in the United States over a period of 85 years. There poisonous substances were discharged into the groundwater and uranium have been allowed to escape into the environment. The company had tried to avoid penalties by the defendant areas have been outsourced to a specialized company ( Tronox ). A judge ruled in December 2013 that this outsourcing is cheating. The indigenous people of the tribe of the Navajo complain that Kerr -McGee had infested areas, which they use for religious ceremonies and for hunting. To prevent children from bathing in contaminated water, the Navajo distributed separately a comic book. Plaintiffs were next to the Navajo reservation in the Southwest United States, the federal government and eleven states, as well as environmental groups. On April 4, 2014, the U.S. government announced that the company paying a record fine of 5.15 billion U.S. dollars ( 3.76 billion euros ) has agreed.