Address: Alemanni ring e.V. Mike Wilhelmi Str. 81 78247 Hilzingen

47.7555555555568.8736111111111Koordinaten: 47 ° 45 ' 20 " N, 8 ° 52' 25" E

The Alemanni ring was a motorsport race ( street circuit ) in the industrial area of Singen (Hohentwiel ) in the district of Konstanz in Baden- Württemberg, on the 1991 to 1995 held five rounds of the German Touring Car Championship. The route length of 2.8 km was traveled in a clockwise direction.

Since 1995 there has been on the southernmost race track in Germany no longer race, although plans for reactivation which among other things, new bleachers and improvements to some sections.

Track characteristics

On the four-lane Georg- Fischer-Straße, the nine -meter-wide start -finish straight and the equally wide pit lane was set up. The remaining sections were noticeably wider with up to 14 m. After Pegulan curve, a 90 -degree right-hander, in which was also the pit exit, followed on the Carl -Benz-Straße a short straight. Then you turned right into the Grub forest road and shortly afterwards left in the Byk-Gulden -Strasse. Through a right-hander was reached on the backstretch, the Pfaffenhäule from which it in turn went right to the Robert - Gerwig - road. This road would be the longest straight have been if they had not been interrupted 150 m before the end by the Radio -7 Chicane. For this chicane on the walkway was included by means of a ramp of asphalt in the track. After a left turn followed the Georg- Fischer-Straße, where now the extension of the pit lane was ridden in the opposite direction. The subsequent hairpin right turn was by far the slowest stretch and led to the start -finish straight with the finish line in about two thirds of this line.

DTM champion in Singen