The Scots ring was next to the Nürburgring, the Schleiz, the solitude, the Sachsenring and the AVUS, one of the oldest race track in Germany. The name derives from Scots ring the nearby village of Scots, between Fulda and Gießen, from. Even before the construction of the Hockenheimring of Scots ring should be a "real" automobile race track, which should be even Formula 1 compatible, expanded.


On July 22, 1925, the Vogelsberger Automobile and Motorcycle Club was founded, who opened the railway on 12 September 1925, the first motorcycle races around Scots. The course of 16.080 km long circular route took the participants from Scots over Rudingshain and idols back to Scots. Until 1937, were on this existing public highways track hosted races for the German motorcycle road championship in 1938 was the first time a sports car race took place.

During the war years but fell silent again the engines and only in 1947 were again racing around Scots instead. Here to 1950 were also still runs for racing and sports car segment of the program. The highlight of his sporting significance reached the Scots ring in 1953, as here, the Grand Prix was held by Germany for motorcycles, which belonged to the motorcycle world championship. Despite a drivers' strike against the difficult and dangerous road course the small classes were held as a world championship races.

In 1955 came the terrible accident in the 24- hour race at Le Mans only to some smaller events at Schottenring, 1956 then came the final out for the track. In the years 1968 to 1983, the Circuit of the association MSC circular was revived by the Scots, so that there could again be held motorcycle races and rallies. Since 1989, now features historic Grand Prix races held on a 1.4 km long city course of bulkheads, which are reminiscent of the glorious past of this track.