TT Circuit Assen

52.9615638888896.5233027777778Koordinaten: 52 ° 57 '42 " N, 6 ° 31' 24" E

The TT Circuit Assen is a motorsport race in the Dutch city of Assen, on among other things the Dutch TT, the Dutch overflow is discharged to the motorcycle world championship.


The first race at Assen in 1925 was held on public roads. The route ran through the villages of Borger, Schoonloo and Grolloo over a length of 28.4 km. Winner was Piet van Wijngaarden on a 500 cc Norton with an average speed of 91.4 km / h

The following year, the route was changed. He now led by de Haar, Barteldbocht, Oude Tol, Hooghalen and Laaghalerveen. The track record on this track keeps the Briton Geoff Duke on Gilera with an average speed of 169.7 km / h in 1954.

Current haul

1955 triggered a permanent race track with a length of 7705 meters from the old road course. In 2006 the length was reduced by eliminating the north curve at 4555 m. The longest straight line measures 970 m. The curves on the TT Circuit have traditionally been slightly inflated. The route offers 100,000 spectators.

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  • The GP of the Netherlands is traditionally run on the last Saturday of June.
  • The TT Circuit is the only current World Championship course, designed specifically for motorcycles.
  • The opening time trial of the Vuelta a España in 2009 was held at the TT Circuit.