2012 GP3 Series season

The GP3 Series 2012 season was the third season of the GP3 series.

  • 2.1 Changes to the drivers
  • 2.2 Amendments to the teams
  • 2.3 Changes during the season
  • 4.1 Points system
  • 4.2 Drivers' Championship

Rule Changes

Sporting changes

The point system in the main race is based on the 2012 season back on to the FIA, which is also used in Formula 1. It 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1 points were awarded to the first ten drivers. In the sprint race, the first eight drivers were 15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1 points. In addition, there were four points for the winner of qualifying, as well as two bonus point for the driver, who scored the fastest lap of the first ten classified riders.

Teams and Drivers

All teams and drivers used by Dallara chassis, engines from Renault and Pirelli tires.

Changes in drivers

The following list contains all the drivers who have participated in the GP3 Series 2011 season and start in the 2012 season, not for the same team as in 2011.

Drivers who have changed their team:

  • Conor Daly: Carlin → Lotus GP
  • António Félix da Costa: Status Grand Prix → Carlin
  • Matias Laine: Marussia Manor Racing → ​​MW Arden
  • Tamás Pál Kiss: Tech 1 Racing → ​​Atech CRS Grand Prix
  • Marlon Stöckinger: Atech CRS Grand Prix → Status Grand Prix
  • Aaro Vainio: Tech 1 Racing → ​​Lotus GP
  • Lewis Williamson: MW Arden → Status Grand Prix

Drivers who enter or return to the GP3 series:

  • Daniel Abt: Formula 3 Euro Series (Signature) → Lotus GP
  • William Buller: British Formula 3 Championship ( Fortec Motorsport) → Carlin
  • Alex Brundle: FIA Formula 2 Championship → Carlin
  • Kevin Ceccon: Auto GP ( Ombra Racing) → Ocean Racing Technology
  • Robert Cregan: Fujitsu V8 Supercar Series ( Matt Stone Racing) → Ocean Racing Technology
  • Tio Ellinas: British Formula Renault ( Atech Reid GP) → Marussia Manor Racing
  • David Fumanelli: European F3 Open ( RP Motorsport) → MW Arden
  • Fabio Gamberini: European F3 Open ( Team West -Tec ) → Atech CRS Grand Prix
  • Carmen Jordá: Lamborghini Super Trofeo → Ocean Racing Technology
  • Jakub Klášterka: break → Jenzer Motorsport
  • Fabiano Machado: South American Formula 3 Championship ( Cesário Fórmula ) → Marussia Manor Racing
  • Patric Niederhauser: Formula Abarth ( Jenzer Motorsport) → Jenzer Motorsport
  • Vicky Piria: Formula Abarth (Prema Powerteam) → Trident Racing
  • Alice Powell: British Formula Renault (Manor Competition) → Status Grand Prix
  • Facu Regalia: Italian Formula 3 Championship ( Arco Motorsport) → Jenzer Motorsport
  • Ethan Ringel: F2000 Championship Series ( McLaughlin Motor Sports) → Atech CRS Grand Prix
  • Kotaro Sakurai: British Formula 3 Championship ( Hitech Racing) → Status Grand Prix
  • Antonio Spavone: Formula Abarth (JD ​​Motorsport) → Trident Racing
  • Dmitri Suranowitsch: Formula Abarth ( Euro Nova Racing) → Marussia Manor Racing
  • Giovanni Venturini: Auto GP ( Griffitz Durango ) → Trident Racing
  • Robert Visoiu: Formula Abarth ( Jenzer Motorsport) → Jenzer Motorsport
  • John Wartique: Peugeot 207 Sport Championship → Atech CRS Grand Prix

Drivers who have left the GP3 series:

  • Zoel Amberg: Atech CRS Grand Prix → Formula Renault 3.5 ( Pons Racing)
  • Luciano Bacheta: RSC Mücke Motorsport → FIA Formula 2 Championship
  • Valtteri Bottas: Lotus ART → Formula 1 test driver ( Williams F1)
  • James Calado: Lotus ART GP2 Series → ( Lotus GP)
  • Gabby Chaves: Addax Team → Star Mazda Series ( JDC Motorsports )
  • Michael Christensen: RSC Mücke Motorsport → German Porsche Carrera Cup
  • Tom Dillmann: Addax Team → GP2 Series ( Rapax )
  • Vittorio Ghirelli: Addax Team → Formula Renault 3.5 ( Comtec Racing)
  • Rio Haryanto: Marussia Manor Racing → ​​GP2 Series (Carlin )
  • Daniel Mancinelli: RSC Mücke Motorsport → Italian Porsche Carrera Cup ( MIK Corse)
  • Nigel Melker: RSC Mücke Motorsport → GP2 Series (Ocean Racing Technology )
  • Nico Müller: Jenzer Motorsport → Formula Renault 3.5 (International Draco Racing)
  • Adrian Quaife - Hobbs: Marussia Manor Racing → ​​Auto GP World Series (Super Nova International)
  • Alexander Sims: Status Grand Prix → European Le Mans Series ( Status GP)
  • Richie Stanaway: Lotus ART → Formula Renault 3.5 ( Gravity - Charouz )
  • Simon Trummer: MW Arden → GP2 Series ( Arden International)
  • Nick Yelloly: Atech CRS Grand Prix → Formula Renault 3.5 ( Comtec Racing)

Drivers who do not have a contract for a race seat in 2012:

Changes the teams

  • The Addax team withdrew from the GP3 series and handed the place to Trident Racing. No longer will also be represented on the grid was Tech 1 Racing. This launch site took over Ocean Racing Technology.
  • RSC Mücke Motorsport got out of the GP3 series.
  • ART Grand Prix expresses the connection to the car manufacturer Lotus for the 2012 season more pronounced and announced the team instead of Lotus ART as Lotus GP. Instead of painting in British Racing Green, the team, like all Lotus works team in 2012 stepped in with the black and gold color scheme.

Changes during the season

  • In Status Grand Prix Kotaro Sakurai was replaced for the fifth race weekend by Lewis Williamson.
  • Jenzer Motorsport sat in the third vehicle, a number of drivers. First Jakub Klášterka drove two races, then Facu Regalia and Alex Fontana took part in a race ever.
  • John Wartique lost his cockpit at Atech CRS Grand Prix after the third race weekend, as he had budget problems. Fabio Gamberini took his place at first for a race. In the rest of the season also Regalia, who was previously already driven for Jenzer Motorsport stepped on during a race weekend in this vehicle.

Race Calendar

2012 took place eight race weekends, all in the context of the Formula 1 The GP3 series accompanied the GP2 Series this season to every European event. For the first time GP3 races were held on the Circuit de Monaco.


Points system

In the main race (HAU ), the first ten of the race, 25, 18, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 and 1 were given point (s). During the sprint race (SPR ), the first eight of the race were 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 and 1 point (s). In addition, the winner of the qualifying session, which starts in the main race from pole position, four points received. The driver, who scored from the first ten classified riders the fastest lap of the race, received two points.

Drivers' championship

  • Fat - Pole Position
  • Italics - Fastest lap
  • In the feature race at Spa- Francorchamps only half points were awarded since the race was stopped prematurely and not had been completed to the full score necessary distance.