Richie Stanaway

Richie Stanaway (* November 24, 1991 in Rotorua ) is a New Zealand racing driver. He won the 2011 Drivers' Championship, the German Formula 3, 2012, he raced in the Formula Renault 3.5.


Stanaway started his motor racing career at the age of six years in motocross. At twelve, he moved to the Speedway Sports. With 14 Stanaway rose from vehicles with two to vehicles with four wheels around and started in karting.

The end of 2007 Stanaway eventually switched to Formula racing series in the winter of the New Zealand Formula First. With a podium placement, he was 14th in the overall standings. After he had become in the 2007/2008 season third in the New Zealand Formula First, he appeared 2008 in the winter series of the New Zealand Formula Ford at. Stanaway won five races and finished the championship in third place. He also began to two races of the Australian Formula Ford 2008/2009 he competed in the New Zealand Formula Ford and won with eleven wins the championship before Mitch Evans. In addition, he took part in several races of the Australian Formula Ford and finished with a victory in sixth place overall. In addition Stanaway 2009 went for the first time in a European racing series at the start and went on to three race weekends of the ADAC Formula Masters. With two podium finishes, he finished eighth in the drivers' standings. The move to Europe gave him an investment banker, the Stan aways career made ​​it an investment object. Especially was that Stanaway the budget had to repay in case of success.

2010 Got Stanaway a 15 -year contract with Gravity Sport Management, are responsible for the coordination of his career ever since. At the beginning of the year Stanaway took first two race weekends of the Toyota Racing Series, the highest single-seater series in New Zealand, in part. He won a race and finished tenth in the drivers' standings. He then went for ma-con Motorsport in the ADAC Formula Masters at the start. Stanaway took part in 18 of 21 races. He won 12 races, was second at 5 races and the championship decided dominant for themselves. Following the season Stanaway drove in the British Formula Renault Winter Series and was starting for Atech Grand Prix with a win fifth. 2011 Stanaway went for Van Amersfoort Racing in the German Formula 3 Cup at the start. He dominated the race series this season. Stanaway won 13 of 18 races and came in only 2 races not on the first two positions to the finish. The Drivers' Championship, he decided with 181 to 126 points, ahead of Marco Sørensen for themselves. In addition Stanaway started for Van Amersfoort Racing on Macau Grand Prix. In addition Stanaway for Lotus ART participated in the last two race weekends of the GP3 series. He succeeded, already his second race to decide for themselves. He concluded Score from on the 20th rank. The inserts in the GP3 series also, Stan aways better assess driving skills services because its management had concerns about the strength of the driver's field in the German Formula 3 Cup and the ADAC Formula Masters served. After the season Stanaway took part in testing the Formula Renault 3.5, scoring personal bests. In addition, he was given the opportunity for BMW to test a DTM car.

2012 received Stanaway at Gravity - Charouz who competed as Lotus, a cockpit in the Formula Renault 3.5. With a sixth place in the second race in Alcaniz, he was counted only once. An accident at the 5th season of 17 races at Spa -Francorchamps ended his season prematurely. In the rain he went to Carlos Huertas, took off and eventually hit on the track on. After the race, Stanaway said that he had not seen Huertas. To rescue Stan aways the race was interrupted. He broke two vertebrae in the accident. The regeneration phase took several months to complete, so his season was ended prematurely.


Stan aways parents did not have the financial resources to fund him driving positions, so he was instructed early on good performance. In order to focus on motorsport, Stanaway dropped out of school after his move to Europe.

To live close to his employer, Stanaway moved in 2011 to Hilversum, Netherlands.

Career stations

  • 2008: Australian Formula Ford
  • 2009: New Zealand Formula Ford (Master)
  • 2009: Australian Formula Ford ( 6th place)
  • 2009: ADAC Formula Masters (8th place )
  • 2010: Toyota Racing Series (No. 10)
  • 2010: ADAC Formula Masters (Master)
  • 2010: British Formula Renault Winter Series ( 5th place)
  • 2011: German Formula 3 (Master)
  • 2011: GP3 Series ( No. 20 )
  • 2012: Formula Renault 3.5 (ranked 22)