German Formula Three Championship

The German Formula 3 Cup is a race series for Formula 3 cars in Germany.

  • 3.1 German Championship ( 500 cc )
  • 3.2 German Formula Junior Championship
  • 3.3 German championship ( 2000 cc )
  • 3.4 German Cup


After the Second World War single-seater racing cars were built with 500 - cc motorcycle engines mainly in England. Also this national racing class developed in 1950, the internationally accepted formula 3 Then were in 1948 and 1949 held championships for small separation cars to 500 cc and 750 cc in Germany, the conclusion was obvious, from 1950 to discharge a German championship. This lasted until 1953.

1960, the formula was again discharged 3 similar Championship, Formula Junior. This formula replaced at the national level, the formula 3, but was only until 1963.

The new Formula 3

1964 new Formula 3 class was created, whose base was the Formula Junior. This class took place in Europe quickly spread. It was to take until 1974 until the Polifac a Trophy Cup for Formula 3 cars originated in Germany. This won Giorgio Francia.

1975 German race car championship was created by the ONS, which corresponded to the technical regulations of the formula 3. This series ran for over 25 years until 2002 and developed alongside the British Formula 3 Championship, one of the most respected around the world.

Euro series and Formula 3 Cup

For 2003, the DMSB and its French counterpart decided FFSA carry a European Championship. So mingled French and German series from 2003 F3 Euro Series, which starts mainly in the DTM. Both organizations agreed to discharge any national Formula 3 race series.

The German Formula 3 Association, which organized the German championship until 2002 decided, partly because of existing contracts with suppliers to organize their own series in 2003. For their first season Recaro could be obtained as the main sponsor, but was now superseded by ATS. Due to the agreement with the FFSA this series is not advertised by the DMSB and therefore does not receive the predicate German championship.


  • Engines: Reciprocating piston engines, max. 4 cylinder, air restrictor ( air restrictors ) 26 mm in diameter. The engine must be homologated for the Formula 3.
  • Capacity: max. 2,000 cm3
  • Tires: Yokohama, Tire Size: 200/50VR13 forward 240/45VR13 back.
  • Tire Limitation: 2, first sentence slicks per weekend, rain tires / Intermediates unlimited.
  • Restriction: no thermal, chemical or mechanical treatment allowed.
  • Wheels: ATS aluminum wheel VA 9x13, rear 10,5 x13. The weight of a rim is 3.8 / 4.2 kg v / h
  • Minimum weight: 550 kg, vehicle, including all fluids and operator.
  • Fuel: fuel of Shell Super plus unleaded.
  • Restriction: no refueling during training and racing.
  • Monocoque: Carbon fiber ( carbon) in a sandwich construction, two rollover structures, grain pan.
  • Restriction: no monocoque exchange during the event.
  • Telemetry: not allowed.
  • Data recording: allowed.
  • ABS: not allowed.
  • Transmission: max. 6 -speed transmission sequentially.
  • Catalyst: muffler and catalytic converter.


German Championship ( 500 cc )

German Formula Junior Championship

German Championship ( 2000 cc )

German Cup