Frank Jelinski

Frank Jelinski (* May 23, 1958 ) is a German racing driver.

Jelinski ran from 1973 to 1978 kart race. In 1979 he was German Super -VW - master. 1980 and 1981 were each Jelinski German Formula 3 champion for Bertram Schäfer Racing. In 1982, he was active with the same team in the Formula 2 Championship; the team used a private car from Maurer Motorsport. In 1983 he moved into the World Sports Car Series (WSC ), where he remained until 1990, and several race wins fetched, including 1986, the 1000 km of Spa- Francorchamps 1989 1000 km from Dijon and the Norisring race, the German Super Cup. In 1986, the team also won the title of the sports car world champion. In 1990 he moved to the German Touring Car Championship, where he drove to the end of 1992 for Audi. But the same time he went further and beyond to 1995, sports car racing, particularly in the United States. For the Heilbronner Motorsport team live Racing Jelinski has its ( pre-) retirement interrupted as a racing driver and starts since 2006 regularly in races under the Veranstaltergemeinschaft Endurance Cup Nürburgring and at the 24 -hour race at the Nürburgring. Frank Jelinski worked until the end of 2010 at the VPA GmbH, a Fahrlehrerausbildundsstätte in Kirchheim / Teck.

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