Enrico Bertaggia

Enrico Bertaggia ( born September 19, 1964 in Noale ) is an Italian former racing driver, who took part in the 1980s and 1990s to race in Formula 3 and Formula 3000. Attempts to qualify for a Formula 1 race, were unsuccessful. Bertaggia is regarded as the only pilot who each reached the slowest qualifying time at all qualification tests in Formula 1. In the 1990s Bertaggia drove mainly sports car racing.

Successes in smaller racing series

After several years in karting Bertaggia took part in the Italian Formula 3 Championship between 1985 and 1987. In 1985 he drove for the team Erre 3, 1986, and 1987 for Venturini Racing Forti Corse. In the third year he won the Italian Formula 3 Championship for Forti.

In 1988 Bertaggia Fortis Formula 3000 team. Here he was driving a Dallara 3087, which had been used in the previous year of Euroventurini and reported by BMS Scuderia Italia team the occasion of the Grand Prix of Brazil in 1988 to a Formula 1 race. In eleven experiments Bertaggia qualified the prestigious problematic car five times, but came only twice ( out of the points ) to the finish.

1989 Bertaggia reported for the first race of the season for the team Lola Motorsport, which began with a March 89B Judd engine. Bertaggia could not qualify. For the three subsequent races, he joined the team Cowman Racing, for which he was driving a Lola T89/50 Cosworth engine. He qualified only once - to race in Jerez -; Here he came in 19th place finish. After this race Bertaggia gave his attempts to gain 3000 feet in the formula at first and engaged temporarily in Formula 1 After these efforts failed, drove Bertaggia 1990 and 1991 regularly race in the Japanese Formula 3000 Championship.

Formula 1


In September 1989 Bertaggia received a Formula 1 cockpit with the Italian team Coloni. The small team of Perugia suffered during the entire Formula 1 season in 1989 under economic difficulties and stood after the summer race shortly before closing time. Bertaggia could buy with a sponsorship package to the team and replaced there for the last six races of the year, the Frenchman Pierre -Henri Raphanel. In his first race for Coloni he failed to resign with the new and barely tested Coloni C3 one timed lap; in the five other Grand Prix he was in each case by far Last of pre-qualification, and did not participate in any Formula 1 race.

Andrea Moda Formula

At the start of the Formula 1 season 1992 Bertaggia was reported along with Alex Caffi of the Italian team Andrea Moda Formula, which was in some respects be regarded as successor Colonis. Andrea Moda announced for the first race of the season, the Grand Prix of South Africa, a Coloni C4B, a vehicle which was a combination of the Coloni C4 and the Dallara 191. Caffi drove the C4B in a so-called Aklimatisierungsveranstaltung, which was held a day before the pre-qualification. After a few rounds of the C4B retired with a technical defect. Before Bertaggia could go a round with the C4B, Andrea Moda Formula was excluded from participating in the race. The next race in Mexico, the team did not participate. For the following race, in which Andrea Moda brought an entirely new car to the starting line, the team with Roberto Moreno and Perry McCarthy named two new drivers. Although the team manager Andre Sassetti tried in the spring of 1992, Bertaggia to commit one more time after this additional sponsorship money was ready to mediate; the FIA said Andrea Moda, however, a renewed driver change, so Andrea Moda with McCarthy and Moreno had to go to the start until the final expulsion of the team in September 1992.

More career

1992 and 1993 drove Bertaggia some races in the British Formula 3000 Championship. From 1994, he focused primarily on sports car racing. In 1995 he took part in the 24 - hour race at Le Mans. With the German Frank Jelinski and the Americans Johnny Unser, nephew of Al and Bobby Unser, he shared the wheel of a Callaway Corvette Supernaturel. The Callaway Corvette was a modified version of the Chevrolet Corvette. After 24 hours of racing time the trio finished in ninth place overall and second place in the GT2 class.

Le Mans results