Ernesto Brambilla

Ernesto ' Tino ' Brambilla ( born January 31, 1934 in Monza, Italy ) is an Italian former racing driver. Some sources give 1931 as the birth year.

Ernesto Brambilla began his racing career on motorcycles. At the Grand Prix of Germany for motorcycles, he finished 1959 in the 350 cc class in third place on MV Agusta. In 1961 he was on Bianchi Italian 500cc champion.

After an accident, Ernesto Brambilla rose in the single-seater racing. Worth mentioning is the profit of the Italian Formula 3 Championship in 1966. In 1968, he reached in the European trophy for Formula 2 driver ( the predecessor of the Formula 2 European Championship) in the standings to third place behind Jean -Pierre Beltoise Henri Pescarolo and. Brambilla won at the races at Hockenheim and Vallelunga. In the European Trophy 1969 he was in the standings again aft, each as a works driver of the Scuderia Ferrari.

In Formula 1, Ernesto Brambilla tried twice. 1963 in Monza, he could not qualify with his Cooper -Maserati. In the 1969 season, he joined with a Ferrari again in Monza. But shortly before the race he had suffered a motorcycle accident and his injuries disabled him greatly. Brambilla was able to qualify though, as only 16 riders took up the training. But the pain was too great, so that he did not take up the race.

Ernesto's brother Vittorio had more success in Formula 1. He won the 1975 Grand Prix of Austria.