Peter Scharmann

Peter Scharmann ( born February 26, 1950 in Klagenfurt) celebrated in the German and European motor racing in the 1970s in the classes formula V ( 1300cc ), Formula Super V ( 1600cc ) and later also in Formula 3 and Formula 2 numerous successes.

Motorsport career and biography

After his graduation at the HTL Klagenfurt, the trained mechanical engineer, worked in the years 1970 to 1973, first as an engineer and later as a chassis engineer at Porsche in Stuttgart, including under Ferdinand Piëch, who later became CEO of Volkswagen AG.

Just one year after its entry into motorsport in 1972 won Peter Scharmann in Formula V, the central European Championship in the 1973 season in his first home-built cockpit. It proved to be for the Austrian, who drove with German license, the experience from his work at Porsche in the votes of their own race cars as helpful.

Other successes included the German vice-champion title in the Formula Super V in the years 1974 and 1976. The triumph culminated in winning the German Formula 3 Championship title in 1977, the first year of the then 27 -year-old driver in this class. The victory of the championship won Scharmann, whose main sponsor was the beer brand Warsteiner, in a TOJ - F302 racing car of the racing team Obermoser Jörg. The model was first introduced in the year of band 's winning the Formula 3 championship and came into this season with both engines from Toyota and BMW used. Also, future Formula 1 driver Keke Rosberg was one of those pilots, the vehicles from Jörg Moser's top TOJ workshop articulated.

Peter Scharmann finished his career in motorsports in 1979 as a driver in Formula 2 and then devoted himself to his professional career and his family. In 1982 he moved back to his native town in Carinthia and has since worked at HOBAS of which he was in 2000.

About the karting came Scharmann after a long break, finally back to motorsports in contact and in his spare time on the road with his own kart on lines in Austria. He is married and father of two grown children.