Giorgio Francia

Giorgio Francia ( born November 8, 1947 in San Giorgio di Piano ) is an Italian former race car driver.

Francia was involved in the single-seater racing and also participated in numerous sports and touring car racing. In 1974 he won the German Formula 3 Championship. In the 1980s, Francia was closely associated with the Italian Osella Squadra Corse. Francia made ​​two attempts to take part in a Formula 1 race. Both attempts failed because he had to give up his car to his teammates.


Between 1964 and 1968 drove Francia kart racing, for four years before he became involved in 1969 in the national junior class formula Italia. 1973, at the age of 25 years, Francia moved to the British Formula 3 Championship; the year he finished 23rd overall. In 1974 he wrote for the Italian team Scuderia Mirabella Mille Miglia in the German Formula 3 Championship in. This year, he won six of eight races and was awarded at the end of the championship. 1975 Francia drove a few more races in the German Formula 3, but its main focus was on the formula 2

Formula 2

Appeared in 1975 Francia Osella Squadra Corse in the Formula 2 It was the first year in which took part in the Turin team in this race series. Unlike most competitors, who relied on the chassis of March, Osella had built its own chassis, the Osella FA2. Francia finished the debut season with 16 points in seventh place in the driver standings.

In 1976, he put the engagement with Osella initially continued. This year the Turin team, which suffered from serious financial problems was, however, no longer competitive. Osella ended his Formula 2 first commitment after the sixth race of the year. Francia moved to Trivellato Racing. Here he drove in his last race, a single point of the year. He finished the season as an equal 17th

1977 ended Francia his Formula 2 commitment. He was full-time test driver for Alfa Romeo. In the following years he was involved among other things, on the development of Alfa Romeo's Formula 1 program. In parallel, he drove sports prototypes for Osella.

Formula 1


1977 Francia took an attempt to participate in a Formula 1 race. He came by his employer Alfa Romeo, which the British Brabham team in equipping exclusively since 1976 with engines. Brabham team drivers were in the second half of the season John Watson and Hans -Joachim Stuck. For the Italian Grand Prix, Brabham was ready to bring a third car at the start, which should be driven by the interests Alfa Romeos Francia. In the first practice session for the Italian Grand Prix Francia was the slowest driver. Additional training participation and the possibility of improving his times, it did not: Because stucco had damaged his car in training, Francia had originally intended for him to give third car stucco. The statistics of this race Francia is a non- qualifier.


Further attempts to participate in the Formula 1 races, followed in 1981. Osella, for Francia continue driving sports car racing, now own Formula 1 team had founded. 1980, in a debut year, Osella had only used a car that was driven by Eddie Cheever. 1981 Osella wanted to take the type Osella FA1B with two vehicles. A cockpit was Beppe Gabbiani. For the second car team manager Vincenzo Osella had initially intended his long-time sports car drivers Francia; shortly before the start of the season he missed the second cockpit, however, to Argentinian Miguel Ángel Guerra, who had major sponsor funds.

Guerra did not succeed at the first three races of the year to qualify. At the Grand Prix of San Marino, he managed the first qualification. In the first lap of the race Guerra accident. In the accident, he broke his hand, so he did not stand for the remaining races of the year are available. Osella tried in the following weeks to give Guerra's cockpit to Francia, but the FISA refused Francia first Super Licence. In the following two races Osella began, in a Piercarlo Ghinzani.

For the Grand Prix of Spain Francia was ultimately a Super License, Osella and reported him to this race for the second cockpit. Again, Francia did not get to race: His teammate Gabbiani damaged his Osella in a training accident so severe that the car this weekend was no longer operational. Since Osella had only two cars available, Francia had to give up his car at Gabbiani, who participated so on qualifying. Gabbiani not qualified; because Osella had but Francia's message since been withdrawn, Francia could not undertake another qualification attempt. Also for this race Francia is a non- qualifier.

For the following race Francia was not reported; Osella awarded the second cockpit instead of Jean -Pierre Jarier, which should remain the team in the following years together.

Further activities

After this Grand Prix Francia was, now 33 years old, its Formula 1 efforts. He remained, however, until 1985, a test driver for Alfa Romeo Formula 1 team. Francia first drove on sports car racing for Osella and won in 1981, the 6- hour race at Mugello. From 1982 to 1995 he was involved in Alfa Romeo in touring car racing. Here he drove sports versions of the Alfa Romeo GTV, the Alfa Romeo 75 and the Alfa Romeo 155, inter alia, in the DTM.

In 1982, he won jointly with Henri Pescarolo on a Rondeau M382 at the 1000 km race at Monza.