( Listen? / I ) Hilversum is a city without existing rights community in the Netherlands with 86 042 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013) in the province of North Holland.

Location and economic

Hilversum is located in Gooiland, an area of ​​heath, forest, meadows and small lakes. The city is located 30 km southeast of Amsterdam and 25 km north of Utrecht. She has three railway stations: Hilversum Noord, Hilversum (both on the line Amsterdam - Amersfoort - Groningen / Hengelo - Berlin) and Hilversum Sportpark. Highways connect the city with Utrecht ( A27 ) and Amsterdam (A1).

The community until about 1820 a farming village, is considered a " media city " since it is the radio and television center in the Netherlands. The Dutch radio sends here since the 1920s. Numerous radio and TV studios are based here.

Also, there is still something in Hilversum industry and a large marshalling and maintenance facility of the Dutch Railways ( Stapelplaats Crailoo ). For more than a century Hilversum is popular as a residence for commuters from Amsterdam.


  • The Town Hall in Hilversum, which is nationally known for its architecture, was designed by the community architect Willem Marinus Dudok, who is also responsible for many other monuments in Hilversum, built in the years 1928-1931. It is a Dutch cultural monument as Rijksmonument No. 46773. Moderated by Linda de Mol shipment dream wedding was filmed in this building. In the basement of the Town Hall, a permanent exhibition is the architect.
  • The Roman Catholic St. Vitus Church, which was built in 1892 in neo-Gothic style according to plans by the architect Pierre Cuypers, holds about 1800 people and its tower has a height of 100 meters. It is Rijksmonument number 22159th
  • Opened in 2005, Municipal Museum Hilversum shows exhibitions on art and architecture.
  • In the Media Park on the north side of the city there are radio and television studios. Here the Museum of Radio and Television ( Beeld en Geluid Experience) was built in 2006.

Sons and daughters of the town

Persons with respect to Hilversum


1958 was in Hilversum, the third edition of the Euro Vision Song Contest under the title Grand Prix de la Chanson Européenne euro vision instead. In later vintages in Hilversum was always the seat of the Dutch jury.

The Conservatory of Hilversum merged in 1994 with the Sweelinck Conservatory for the Conservatory of Amsterdam ( located in the near Amsterdam).

On 6 May 2002, the politician Pim Fortuyn was shot in the Media Park Hilversum.