Linda de Mol

Linda Margaretha de Mol [ də mɔl ] ( born July 8, 1964 in Hilversum ) is a Dutch show host and actress, who was known by the sending dream wedding. In addition to the Netherlands and the UK, where she hosted her first shows, they became known, especially in German-speaking countries.



Her father John de Mol sen. was a famous pop singer in the Netherlands, her brother John de Mol founded the television production company Endemol. Linda de Mol studied at the Free University of Amsterdam Law and competed at the 1984 British broadcaster Sky Channel as host of the chart show Euro chart Top 50, followed by shows like DJ Kat and In touch with the Dutch. So it brought de Mol in the first two years of her career to over 400 television shows. Then they moved to their home station TROS and later came to the German private broadcaster RTL.

2005 wrote de Mol a contract that binds in the Netherlands at the television station founded by her brother Tien. She presented on behalf of the state lottery company ( Dutch: PostcodeLoterij ) Miljoenenjacht the show, the Dutch equivalent of the German series The million deal. She hosted the show previously at the TROS on a public television channel in the Netherlands. Together with Beau van Erven Doren, she created a new talk show, Linda s Beau op Sunday.

2006 presented de Mol also a 32 -part quiz show titled De Slimste. In 2007, she presented with Gordon the format Just the two of us, a singing competition, try the celebrities with professional singers to sing. In addition to her activities on camera she's since autumn 2003 also editor in chief of its bimonthly magazine, Linda.

According to a report by the Dutch industry paper rate earned de Mol approximately 9 million euros per year for her work as a television presenter (as of 2007). This makes it the highest-paid presenter in the Netherlands.

In May 2008, de Mol moderated after her eight -year RTL Moderation ( 1992-2000) the dream wedding a unique new release of the shipment as part of a pilot project of the ZDF.

Of 11 April to 25 May 2012, she hosted the Sat.1 talent show The Winner is ....

Acting Career

Since 1999, de Mol is also working as an actor, first in the television series clips in which she played a Commissioner. Filming ran from the end of 2004. Then they developed the idea for the drama series Fine girlfriends ( Gooische Vrouwen ), in which she plays a starring role. The series has been running since 2005, Tien, from July 2007 also in the ZDF and was sold in other European countries.

TV scandal 2001

2001, de Mol, the Dutch quiz show " Miljoenenjacht " ( the Dutch version of the German show " The opportunity of a lifetime " and later original version of " Deal or No Deal " ) a candidate who did not know the composers of Germany song and the question answered incorrectly, whereby it instead of 10 million guilders only one million won, comforted with the remark: "Oh, het is toch een rotlied. " (Eng.: . Alas, this is always a shitty song) on the ensuing outrage in Germany, including expressed by the Bild newspaper by a display at the Hamburg public prosecutor, de Mol responded with an apology: ". Should a German thereby offended, I apologize for this, it was absolutely not in my mind."


De Mol was married from 1991 to 1995 with the jeweler Fred Reuter. From 1994 to 2007, she was romantically involved with the television director Sander Vahle and has two children with him. Since January 2008, she is in a relationship with the seven years younger Dutch musician Jeroen Rietbergen.


Performances outside the German television ( mainly in the Dutch television program RTL 4, Tien, TROS and the British Sky Channel ):

  • Euro Chart Top 50
  • The DJ Kat Show ( English)
  • In touch with the Dutch
  • Linda (Talk Show)
  • Billy Hot Dog
  • A to Z
  • Dier Bingo
  • De leukste Thuis
  • Love letters ( Dutch version of dream wedding, Endemol ) (1990-1995, 1999-2005)
  • Homerun ( Dutch version of house fever, Endemol, starting December 25, 1997 )
  • Clasps (role of CID officer Nicky Spoor, 1999-2006)
  • Postcodeloterij Miljoenenjacht ( Dutch version of The Million Deal ) from 2000
  • Fine girlfriends from 2005
  • Linda de Beau op Sunday (2005)
  • De Slimste (2006)
  • De gouden kooi (2006)
  • M / v (2006-2007)
  • Ik hou van Holland from 2008

Appearances on German television (mainly on the station RTL ):

  • Dream Wedding (1992-2000, first broadcast: January 19, 1992)
  • Colleagues, co-workers (1992, first broadcast: September 15, 1992)
  • Surprise Show (1994, first broadcast October 30, 1994, together with Kai plum)
  • House fever
  • Children ( 1994 Action UNESCO, December 25, 1993, November 13 ) for children
  • The celebrities Playback Show (September 16, 1995 and December 7, 1996, benefit for needy children)
  • Sound mix Show (30 December 1995-31. March 1996 and January 4 1997-1. February 1997, additional international broadcast on 27 April 1996)
  • Domino Day (1998-2002)
  • One against 100 (2002, first broadcast: January 12, 2002 )
  • The Million Deal (2004, Sat.1, first broadcast 1st May 2004)
  • The Winner Is ... (2012, Sat.1, first broadcast: April 11, 2012)

Main role:

  • 2006 Mr. Nanny - A man for mom ( with Florian Fitz )
  • 2008 Small lie for love ( with Robert Lohr )

Revival ( moderator):

  • 2008 Dream Wedding 2008 ( unique pilot project of the ZDF on 11 May 2008)



In the Netherlands, de Mol publishes the lifestyle magazine "Linda" for women. Made headlines the magazine when she gave away a Callboy as a subscription premium. De Mol was then denounced as " pimp " and she was accused of human trafficking. Also she was wearing light clothing to see on the cover of the magazine.

The punk band terror group released in 1995 on their album Music for assholes with Linda a song about it, which also samples from dream wedding were used.