Purmerend ( listen? / I ) is a Dutch town and former High glory in the province of North Holland.

Location and economic

Purmerend situated on the north of the Waterland region, on the railway line Amsterdam Hoorn - Enkhuizen. A highway connects it to Amsterdam. Purmerend had the largest Dutch cattle market until recently. Trading in the outdoors has been set by an epidemic of foot-and -mouth disease in February 2001. In a hall, a small market is still operated with sheep and calves.

The city has some industry, including a door factory. There are many wholesale businesses. Agriculture in the area is significant ( dairy, cheese ).

In Purmerend, which was reported to as a " growth center ", and in recent decades actually grew strongly, live many commuters who work in Amsterdam.

History of the city and glory

The origins of Purmerend are in the Middle Ages, when it was a small fishing village. In 1410 arose Count William VI. hogen Holland- Straubing for his trusted councilor Willem Eggert Purmerend with Purmerland (including the supplied him affiliated Ilpendam ) for Vrijen s Heerlijkheid Purmerend en Purmerland. He and his successors bore the title of army or Vrijheer van Purmerend en Purmerland respectively. Purmerland s Ilpendam. In 1423 Eggert had built the castle Pumerstein. The city still leads today the emblem of the Eggert. Subsequently, the glory came over the viscount of Montfoort (1439-1481) to the House of Egmond ( 1483 ).

In 1434 the municipal law and some 50 years later Purmerend had received market rights. Since then, it was a center of the cattle and cheese trade. The glory came over the viscount of Montfoort (1439-1481) to the House of Egmond ( 1483 ). Lamoraal of Egmond, who by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe literary processed at its plant Egmont resistance fighters was between the years 1540 and 1568 rule owner. After the treason of Egmond at the Spanish Habsburgs whose entire property was confiscated. In 1582, the glory was dissected; Purmerend and the resort Neck were spun from the legal association of Purmerherrlichkeit and are respectively the Dutch county. come back to the States of Holland and West - Friesland. This put them under the management of Grafelijkheids Rekenkamer van de Domeinen the appointed mayors and Schepen together with the Vroedschap.

The remaining glory Purmerland and Ilpendam remained until the year 1610 under the administration of Grafelijkheids Rekenkamer and was eventually resold by them.

List of Men of the High glory Purmerend and Purmerland

House Eggert

Van Zijl House

House of Wittelsbach

Van Zijl House

House Van Montfoort

House Van Volckesteijn

House of Egmond

States of Holland and West-Friesland

For the more extensive list of lords of the high glory Purmerland and Ilpenda ) see the article → Purmerland

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Willem Eggert (1360-1417), First Lord of Purmerend and Purmerland and governor of Holland
  • Mart Stam (1899-1986), architect and designer
  • Ellen Pieters (born 1964 ), actress and singer
  • Hans Klok (born 1969 ), magician
  • Edwin Zoetebier (born 1970 ), football goalkeeper
  • Vincent van der Voort (* 1975), darts player
  • Fleur Agema (born 1976 ), politician
  • Joey Duin (* 1981), handball players
  • Johan Plat ( * 1987), football player
  • Mitchell Dijk's (* 1993), football player