Rotorua is a spa town on New Zealand's North Island and has 54,900 inhabitants ( 2005). It is located in the Bay of Plenty region and is the administrative seat of the Rotorua District.


The city of Rotorua is located on the south coast of the second largest after Lake Lake Taupo on the North Island, of about 80 square kilometers of Lake Rotorua. 80 km further north is the city of Tauranga, 105 kilometers northwest of Hamilton and 82 kilometers southwest of the town of Taupo.


With nearly 60,000 people, the majority of the population of the entire district in the capital, Rotorua lives. Due to the high thermal activity, most houses are heated by geothermal Rotorua. In addition, a permanent smell of sulfur typical of the city.


The name Rotorua has its origin in the language of Māori, is composed of the words rotu ( = lake ) and rua ( = two ) together and freely translated means therefore "Second Lake ". Today's Rotorua was founded in 1830 by the Māori who moved inland. In the 1860s, the area was an important venue for the New Zealand wars. Twenty years later, the area around Rotorua became a "special town district", a special city district, created in order to privilege Rotorua's potential as a spa. Until 1886, the Pink and White Terraces were not far from here at Tarawera, a popular tourist destination that was completely destroyed during the eruption of Tarawera volcano.


By far the most important industry is tourism. Currently, the Pohutu Geyser, Whakarewarewa thermal fields near the town and the only Carving and Art Academy of Māori are the main attractions. In addition, the botanical garden has a certain notoriety. Also, the earlier founded both Māori and Europeans Te Wairoa, a small village near Rotorua, which served as a starting point for the White and Pink Terraces until 1886, is now visited more often. In the re- excavated village is a museum on the history of the settlement.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Temuera Morrison (born 1960), actor
  • Susan Devoy (* 1964 ), squash player
  • Cliff Curtis ( b. 1968 ), actor
  • Valerie Kasanita Adams ( born 1984 ), track and field athlete and Olympic champion
  • Richie Stanaway (* 1991), race car driver

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