Daniel Abt

Daniel Abt ( born December 3, 1992 in Kempten ( Allgäu) ) is a German racing driver. He is the son of team owner Hans- Jürgen Abt It occurs in the GP2 series since 2013.


Abbot, who had come early for family reasons with motor racing in contact, his career began in 2001 in karting, where he was active until 2007. Among other things, he won the 2007 runner-up title of the ADAC KF2 kart championship.

2008 Abbot moved into formula racing and entered the master for the team his father Abt Sportsline in the ADAC Formula to. He started once from pole position and scored a third and two second places as the best results. He finished the season in eighth place overall. He was defeated so that his teammate Markus Pommer, who was fifth overall with a win. 2009 Abt denied his second season in the ADAC Formula Masters of Abt Sportsline and won with eight wins dominant the league title before Klaus Bachler. He scored seven pole positions and stood on the podium ten times in total. With 224 to 90 points, he sat down internally by clearly against his teammate René binder.

After he came into office in 2009 for Performance Racing as guest driver in the German Formula 3 Cup, he moved in 2010 in this series for Master Van Amersfoort Racing team. Abbot sat down within the team against his team-mate Stef Dusseldorp and Willi Steindl through and had until the last race weekend chances for the championship title. Finally, he was defeated Tom Dillmann with 112 to 120 points and finished with two wins and ten podium finishes runner-up. Following the season, he raced for Signature at the prestigious Macau Grand Prix. Abbot led the race ahead of his team mate Edoardo Mortara and Laurens Vanthoor on, but lost control of his vehicle and was eliminated after an accident.

2011 Abbot went to the Formula 3 Euro Series for signature at the start. With four third places for best results he finished the season in seventh place overall. Team Intern he lost so Marco Wittmann and Vanthoor that the rankings two and six reached, and was ahead of Carlos Muñoz, who was eighth overall, third best pilot of his racing team. In addition, abbot was right points in the FIA ​​Formula 3 Trophy 2011. There he reached the fourth place. At the end of the year he graduated for Audi test drives in a DTM car. After the abbot had repeatedly achieved at the end of 2011, the fastest in GP3 testing for Lotus GP, he received GP3 Series 2012 season a cockpit in the team, who had asked the champion and runner-up last year. Abt won two races and was a total of seven times on the podium. He had chances for the title until the last race of the season and needed this victory. In fact, abbot went into this race, in which he started from eighth on the grid, in the lead, but he lost this shortly before the end of the race and finished second. He defeated Mitch Evans in Titelkampft 151.5 to 149.5 points. Following the GP3 season he received a cockpit for the last three events of the Formula Renault 3.5 at Tech 1 Racing. In this he had no points. In addition, he returned for an event in the German Formula 3. He scored a third place.

2013 was abbot at his team, who took back as ART Grand Prix this year, and moved to the GP2 series. Abbot had problems with the vote of his vehicle, the cause of which was not made by the team engineers to locate in the season. He scored only 4 of 22 race points with a fifth place as best result. While his team-mate James Calado 159 points total was third abbot reached the 22th place overall with 11 points. Abt 2014 moved within the GP2 Series for Hilmer Motorsport. In addition, Abt will be active for the team his father in the newly founded Formula E in the season 2014/2015.


From 2008 to 2010 the abbot was a candidate Deutsche Post Speed ​​Academy and in 2009 and 2010 overall winner of the Academy and thus to "Germany's motorsport talent of the year ". Since 2010, Abt is also a member of the support program from Volkswagen.


In addition to Daniel Abbot other members of his family are involved in motor sport. His father Hans -Jürgen is the owner and team manager of the racing team Abt Sportsline, which is active among others in the DTM. His uncle is also a racing driver Christian Abt and was for some years active in the DTM. Daniel Abbot made ​​his diploma at the Technical School in Kempten.

Daniel Abt is managing director of Abt Lifestyle GmbH.


Career stations

  • 2001-2007: Karting
  • 2008: ADAC Formula Masters (8th place )
  • 2009: ADAC Formula Masters (Master)
  • 2010: German Formula 3 (2nd place)
  • 2011: Formula 3 Euro Series (No. 7)
  • 2011: FIA Formula 3 Trophy ( 4th place)
  • 2012: GP3 Series (2nd place)
  • 2012: Formula Renault 3.5 ( 34th )
  • 2012: German Formula 3 ( 14th)
  • 2013: GP2 Series (No. 22)
  • 2014: GP2 Series
  • 2014/2015: Formula E

Individual results in the ADAC Formula Masters

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Individual results in the GP2 Series