2010 GP3 Series season

The GP3 Series 2010 season was the first season of the newly formed GP3 Series. It started on May 8, 2010 in Barcelona, Spain at the Circuit de Catalunya and ended on September 12, 2010 in Monza, Italy at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza. The champion of the driver achieved prematurely Esteban Gutiérrez, whose team ART Grand Prix also won the team title ahead of schedule.

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Starter box

All teams and drivers used by Dallara chassis, engines from Renault and Pirelli tires. On April 1, the start numbers for the first season were awarded. Alexander Rossi scored the fastest time and made so that ART Grand Prix received the lowest numbers.

Changes in drivers

Driver that went into the GP3 Series

  • Mikhail Aleshin: FIA Formula 2 Championship → Carlin
  • Marco Barba: World Series by Renault (International Draco Racing) → Jenzer Motorsport
  • Mirko Bortolotti: FIA Formula 2 Championship → Addax Team
  • Michael Christensen: European Formula BMW (Mücke Motorsport) → MW Arden
  • Stefano Coletti: Formula 3 Euro Series (Prema Powerteam) → Tech 1 Racing
  • Leonardo Cordeiro: South American Formula 3 Championship ( Cesario Fórmula ) → MW Arden
  • António Félix da Costa: Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0 ( Moto Park Academy ) → Carlin
  • Lucas Foresti: South American Formula 3 Championship ( Cesario Fórmula ) → Carlin
  • Vittorio Ghirelli: Karting → ​​ATECH CRS GP
  • Felipe Guimarães: Indy Lights ( Bryan Herta Autosport) → Addax Team
  • Esteban Gutiérrez: Formula 3 Euro Series ( ART Grand Prix) → ART Grand Prix
  • Rio Haryanto: Formula BMW Pacific (Team Meritus ) → Manor Racing
  • Tobias Hegewald: FIA Formula 2 Championship
  • James Jakes: Manor Racing out →
  • Daniel Juncadella: European Formula BMW ( Euro International) → Tech 1 Racing
  • Ivan Lukashevich: break → Status Grand Prix
  • Nigel Melker: Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup (MP Motorsport) → RSC Mücke Motorsport
  • Roberto Merhi: Formula 3 Euro Series (Manor Motorsport) → ATECH CRS GP
  • Miki Monras: Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup ( SG Formula ) → MW Arden
  • Daniel Morad: break → Status Grand Prix
  • Nico Müller: Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup ( Jenzer Motorsport) → Jenzer Motorsport
  • Josef Newgarden: British Formula Ford (JTR ) → Carlin
  • Pedro Nunes: Formula 3 Euro Series (Manor Motorsport) → ART Grand Prix
  • Oliver Oakes: British Formula 3 Championship (Carlin Motorsport) → ATECH CRS GP
  • Jim Pla: European Formula BMW ( DAMS ) → Tech 1 Racing
  • Adrian Quaife - Hobbs: Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0 ( Moto Park Academy ) → Manor Racing
  • Patrick Reiterer: International Formula Master (Iris Project) → ATECH CRS GP
  • Alexander Rossi: International Formula Master (ISR Racing) → ART Grand Prix
  • Pablo Sánchez López: Italian Formula 3 Championship ( Alan Racing Team) → Addax Team
  • Doru Sechelariu: European Formula BMW ( Scuderia Coloni ) → Tech 1 Racing
  • Dean Smith: British Formula Renault (Manor Competition) → Carlin
  • Adrien Tambay: Formula 3 Euro Series ( ART Grand Prix) → Manor Racing
  • Simon Trummer: International Formula Master (Iris Project) → Jenzer Motorsport
  • Pål Varhaug: International Formula Master ( Jenzer Motorsport) → Jenzer Motorsport
  • Jean- Éric Vergne: Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup ( SG Formula ) → Tech 1 Racing
  • Robert Wickens: FIA Formula 2 Championship → Status Grand Prix
  • Renger van der Zande: British Formula 3 Championship ( Hitech Racing) → RSC Mücke Motorsport

Changes during the season

  • At Manor Racing James Jakes was represented for two race weekends by Adrien Tambay. Jakes had to pause because of a ligament injury in his right arm.
  • In Carlin Lucas Foresti drove parallel in the British Formula 3 Championship and could not compete due to scheduling conflicts to three race weekends of the GP3 series. He was once represented by Mikhail Aleshin da Costa and twice by António Félix.
  • Tech 1 Racing sat down with five pilots the maximum number of pilots. While Doru Sechelariu denied all races and Stefano Coletti only left out the season opener, Daniel Juncadella adopted five, Jean- Éric Vergne to two and Jim Pla on a race weekend in part. In a race weekend Tech 1 Racing entered only with two pilots.
  • In ATECH CRS GP Patrick Reiterer was after two race weekends replaced by Roberto Merhi.


The race in the GP3 series found up to the race weekend in Monaco held in the framework program of the GP2 Series, and supported all other European races of the Formula 1

Season report

In the first season of the GP3 series a total of 37 pilots were used. The pilots came from various racing series. With Leonardo Cordeiro ( South American Formula 3 Championship ), António Félix da Costa ( North European Formula Renault ) and Rio Haryanto ( Formula BMW Pacific ) were three reigning champion in the GP3 Series.

This season, scored a total of 19 pilots podium placements, of which 8 racers could choose a race for themselves. The dominant rider of the year was the Mexican Esteban Gutierrez, who won five races, and finally the first master of the GP3 Series was. Robert Wickens, Nico Müller and Alexander Rossi made ​​the spaces behind the champion among themselves and were in addition to Gutierrez, the only drivers to have won more than one race. History also wrote the first winner of the GP3 series, Pål Varhaug, which, after his victory at the first race succeeded no further placement in the points.

Due to injury, had to miss several races Simon Trummer and James Jakes. Trummer retired after an accident in Hockenheim a back injury with a broken and fractured three vertebrae too. Jakes had, also after an accident in Hockenheim, pause with ligament damage in his right arm. The oldest pilot this season was Marco Barba (24 years), who represented Trummer for two races. As the youngest driver Vittorio Ghirelli went down in history. The Italian was the first race weekend only 15 years old. Since he could not start on the first weekend, he took the first time at the age of 16 years participated in a GP3 race.


Points system

The points were awarded according to the following scheme:

In addition, given the fastest driver in qualifying, who started from pole position in the feature race, two points. The driver, who had scored by the drivers who were classified in the top ten fastest race laps, also received a point.

Drivers' championship

Team standings

  • Pole position winners in bold; the driver, who started from pole position in the feature race, won two points
  • Italics, the driver who had scored by the drivers who were classified in the top ten fastest race lap; This driver also received a point