Pastor Maldonado


Pastor Maldonado Rafael Motta ( born March 10, 1985 in Maracay ) is a Venezuelan race car driver. He rode from 2007 to 2010 in the GP2 Series in 2010 and won the championship title in this series. From 2011 to 2013, he started for Williams in Formula 1 in 2014 he enters in Formula 1 for Lotus at.

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Beginnings in motorsport (1993-2006)

His first experience in Formula racing gathered Maldonado, who was active from 1993 to 2002 in karting in 2003 in Italy. He drove there in the Italian Formula Renault and achieved seventh place in the drivers' standings. With his team Cram Competition, he also participated in the race of the German Formula Renault in Oschersleben and at some races of the Formula Renault 2.0 Euro some cups. After the season, he decided the winter series of the Italian Formula Renault for themselves. 2004 Maldonado drove both in the Italian Formula Renault and Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup. He won the Italian Formula Renault with eight wins and six pole positions in 17 starts. In the Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup, he finished with two wins eighth. In addition, he took part in two races of the Formula Renault V6 Euro Cup.

In November 2004, Maldonado was given the opportunity to make a test with the Minardi Formula 1 team. Team founder Giancarlo Minardi responded positively to the performance Maldonado. For a change it did not come to the annoyance Minardi However, since Renault Maldonado recorded in their support program.

2005 Maldonado drove in any racing series a full season. He graduated from four starts in the Italian Formula 3000 with the team Sighinolfi car racing and won a race. This earned him the ninth overall. He also drove in Formula Renault 3.5 for the French team DAMS. After he had failed to drive past an accident scene in Monaco despite appropriate warning flags slowly and he had a marshals seriously injured, he was suspended for four races. Maldonado was entitled to only start in eight races and finished the season 25th overall.

2006 Maldonado drove with the team Draco Racing a full season in Formula Renault 3.5. He scored three wins, six further podiums and five pole positions and finished the season ranked third in the drivers' standings. Winning the title was denied him because he was disqualified after the race was actually won at Misano due to a technical infringement. The disallowed 15 points would have been enough for first place before Alx Danielsson and Borja García.

GP2 Series (2007-2010)

The services Maldonado in the Formula Renault 3.5 brought him attention of the GP2 Series teams. After a successful test in late 2006, he signed in 2007 a ​​contract with Trident Racing, where he was teammate Kohei Hirate. In just his fourth race in Monaco, he celebrated his first victory. The last four race weekend had Maldonado suspend because of a broken collarbone. Overall, it is therefore enough despite another podium place for the eleventh place in the overall standings. In addition, Maldonado started at two races of the Euro Series 3000, of the former Italian Formula 3000, of which he chose one for yourself.

2008 Maldonado joined Piquet Sports. After Maldonado had won the mid-season two pole positions and two podium finishes, including a second place in the prestigious race in Monaco, he launched three race weekends before the end of a comeback: With four podium finishes, including a victory in the sprint race in Spa -Francorchamps, in the last six races Maldonado improved to fifth place in the championship. In addition, he took part in a race in the Euro Series 3000 and decided this for themselves.

In the 2009 season, Maldonado went along with the German Nico Hulkenberg for ART Grand Prix at the start. In addition, Maldonado started for his new team to three race weekends of the GP2 Asia Series season 2008/2009, in which he shared the cockpit with his team mate Hülkenberg. With a second place in Sepang Maldonado finished in 15th place in the overall standings. In the main series, he finished the first eight races, all in the points and won two races. In the rest of the season, he scored only two more points races and finished the season in sixth place overall. His team-mate Hulkenberg won the championship. As in previous years, Maldonado graduated again a race weekend in the Euro Series 3000 and scored again to win.

2010 Maldonado denied his fourth season in the GP2 series. As a team-mate Luiz Razia of it starts for the Rapax Team, for which he had begun in 2008 under the name Piquet Sports. After he had achieved in testing before the season some personal bests, he was one of the favorites to win the title in the season. Having already scored two podium finishes, he took over with a victory at the third race weekend in Istanbul the lead in the drivers' standings. In the next race weekend in Valencia, Silverstone, Hockenheim, Mogyoród and Spa-Francorchamps Maldonado decided in each case the main race itself and thus became the first GP2 pilot who won six major races in a row. A race weekend before the season ends, he secured the championship title against Sergio Pérez. Following the GP2 season Maldonado participated in four Formula 1 Test days for Williams and HRT.

Formula 1 ( since 2011 )

In the 2011 season Maldonado drove as a team -mate of the experienced Rubens Barrichello for Williams in Formula 1, replacing the British team his former GP2 team-mate Hülkenberg. As a sponsor Maldonado brought the Venezuelan state oil company Petroleos de Venezuela, who had also encouraged him in the GP2 Series, with Williams. At the Grand Prix of Spain Maldonado succeeded for the first time jump into the final qualifying segment. In the race he reached starting from 9th to 15th place. A race later in Monaco Maldonado came again into the third qualifying segment. In the race he was up to a collision in the closing stages with Lewis Hamilton on the lead lap and was heading for points. He resigned and was considered 18. In Belgium, he finally scored his only point of the season in tenth place. He finished the season in 19th place overall. Internal team was defeated Barrichello, who was 17th with four points.

2012 Maldonado denied his second season for Williams. Petróleos de Venezuela also extended the sponsorship agreement with Williams .. In the first race in Australia, he was in the final stage in sixth place and thus heading for points. In the last round he turned, however, after a mistake in the barriers. He was still counted as 13. Then at the Chinese Grand Prix, he scored with an eighth place, which was his best finish so far, his first points of the season. In the European season in Spain Maldonado drove in qualifying second fastest lap behind Hamilton. Because of this, however, was subsequently taken from the ranking due to a breach of the regulations, Maldonado received the first starting position and thus his first pole position in Formula 1, he is the first Venezuelan, who scored a Formula 1 pole position. In the race, he succeeded after losing the first position in the initial phase of Fernando Alonso to take back the lead in the race after a pit stop, and he kept Alonso behind him until the end. He scored his first Formula 1 victory in 24 races. Maldonado became the first Venezuelan Formula 1 Grand Prix winner.

At the Grand Prix of Europe Maldonado was in the closing stages with Hamilton in a duel for third place. In the penultimate round, the two touched. During the race Hamilton was finished, Maldonado reached yet on the tenth goal. However, he was occupied after the race with a drive-through penalty and dropped to twelfth place. A race later in the UK Maldonado was booked after a collision with Pérez. At the end of the season, he finished 15th in the World Cup. The victory in Spain remained his only podium placement. Internally, he sat down with 45 through to 31 points against Bruno Senna.

2013 Maldonado remained one more season at Williams. After he had remained in the first half of the season with no points, he scored at the Hungarian Grand Prix in tenth its single point for Williams. He finished 18th in the drivers' championship and defeated internally Valtteri Bottas with four points.

2014 Maldonado moved to Lotus, where he was team-mate Romain Grosjean. After the third race, he finished 21st overall.


Maldonado is in a relationship with the singer and journalist Gabriella Tárkány. Maldonado and Tárkány live in Italy.


When introducing permanent Formula 1 race numbers dialed Maldonado 13 Previously only launched the Mexican Moisés Solana at the Grand Prix of Mexico in 1963 with this number and Divina Galica tried without success with this starting number to qualify for a Formula 1 race. The number 13 was after several fatal accidents in motorsports prewar considered inauspicious and not usually given.


Career stations

  • 2005: Italian Formula 3000 ( 9th place)
  • 2005: Formula Renault 3.5 (ranked 25)
  • 2006: Formula Renault 3.5 ( 3rd place)
  • 2007: GP2 Series (No. 11)
  • 2007: Euro Series 3000 (11th )
  • 2008: GP2 Series ( 5th place)
  • 2008: Euro Series 3000 ( 12th place)
  • 2008: International GT Open ( # 32 )
  • 2009: GP2 Asia Series (No. 15)
  • 2009: GP2 Series ( 6th place)
  • 2009: Euro Series 3000 (No. 10)
  • 2010: GP2 Series (Master)
  • 2011: Formula 1 ( 19th place )
  • 2012: Formula 1 ( 15th place)
  • 2013: Formula 1 ( 18th place)
  • 2014: Formula 1

Statistics in Formula 1

Status: Bahrain Grand Prix, April 6, 2014

Grand Prix victories

  • 2012: Spain ( Barcelona)

Individual results