Higer Bus

HIGER BUS Company Limited. (in short: HIGER ) is a Chinese manufacturer of travel, urban and minibuses as well as pickups. The company, founded in 1998 is part of the King Long Group and has an annual production capacity of 35,000 buses.


The company HIGER BUS Company Limited. was established in December 1998 in the prefecture-level city of Suzhou in Jiangsu Province. In the first production year about 1,000 vehicles were produced; In 2005 more than 10,000.

Higer is considered to be export-oriented company: For example, (Qatar ) were in 2006 for the 15th Asian Games in Doha, delivered 500 buses. The following year, 1,000 vehicles buses were exported to Russia; also export to South America has been strengthened.

Since September 2006, Scania Comfort Coach of the model SCANIA HIGER A 80, produced in collaboration with the Swedish bus manufacturer; while the chassis is derived largely from Scania, Higer produced during the construction. 2008, this model was newly introduced by the European Union rollover tests. In March 2007, production of another cooperation project was launched with the luxury coach SCANIA HIGER A90. With this vehicle, Higer was elected at the Shanghai Asia exposure in 2007 and 2008 for coach manufacturers with the best safety equipment ( Best Safety Equipment).

After 2010 20.000 vehicles were sold in a year for the first time, was completed in 2011 with a total investment of RMB 200 million to expand the production line to a coating.

Like most export-oriented enterprises in China Higer strengthened its sales activities in Africa: In Algeria, the second largest automobile market in Africa (after South Africa), 2258 to 2011 vehicles were sold. In the same year the sales activities began in Morocco, Libya and Tunisia. Since 2012 Higer market leader in the bus in Angola. In Ethiopia, Higer was in 2011 under a government tender to compete with its competitors and sell 502 midi buses, other sales activities are in Ghana and Zambia as well as in Sudan. For Higer Africa represents, as for many other Chinese commercial vehicle manufacturer also now a now traditional sales market, from which European automotive companies largely pull and Japanese manufacturers are increasingly displaced.

Group structure

HIGER BUS is a subsidiary of the holding company Xiamen King Long United Automotive Industry Company Ltd.. , Briefly King Long, one of the largest bus manufacturer in the world. To this company belongs also the bus manufacturer Golden Dragon.

At the Suzhou site is a production facility on an operating site, with around 800,000 m2. The production capacity is given as 35,000 vehicles per year; Total employed (as of 2013), more than 6,000 employees. In addition, the company conducts a research center for post- graduate students, the Technology Center of Jiangsu region as well as a newly created R & D center for coaches.

As is common with many Chinese companies, Higer meets the expected of the state involvement in social tasks. So is promoted regularly the renewal of primary schools in remote areas, for example in the provinces of Guizhou and Gansu in the context of Higer Bus Hope Primary School project and the facilities of primary schools with computer rooms, such as in Tibet. In addition, the company participates in fundraisers for earthquake -affected regions of China, most recently at the Wenchuan earthquake that nearly 6 million people were left homeless.

Current products

Higer provides 300 different bus models in 6-18 meters in length. The spectrum ranges from mini and midi buses on travel and city buses to articulated buses and double-decker breasts. In addition, the company produces a variety of school buses for which there are more stringent safety regulations in China than in Europe.

Within the framework of a cooperation agreement with Scania Higer builds the high -deck touring coach Scania Touring and the coach Scania Higer A30; both vehicles are marketed in Europe by Scania.

Higer markets in the People's Republic of China, a revised version of the minibus Toyota ventury under the name Higer KLQ6540. With Micro Cars Limited of Sri Lanka is cooperation. Since May 2011, the company offers a pickup truck with double cabin under the name Higer H5P.


Higer bus in Kingissepp, Russia

Higer bus in Shenzhen, China

Higer coach near Perm, Russia


In August 2009 325 Higer buses were used on the occasion of the Ramadan festival in Qatar. With the case moving in a line buses with a total length of around five kilometers achieved a place in the Guinness Book of Records; so that the achieved from the RegioBus Hanover with 119 buses in the same year the record was " Busparade longest in the world" outbid.