King Long

Xiamen King Long United Automotive Industry Company Ltd.. (in short: King Long ) is a Chinese manufacturer and one of the largest providers of travel and city buses. Founded in 1998, has a production capacity of 77,000 buses per year and achieved since 2003, increasing growth rates in Europe.


The company Xiamen King Long United Automotive Industry Company Ltd.. was founded in 1998. In the first production year 2000, 16 buses worth 6 million RMB have been sold; Since then, the number of vehicles sold and the proceeds have nearly doubled every year.

In 2003 it succeeded, with the sale of 82 buses a Chinese company for sale ( type XMQ6113 ) to Malta for the first time buses in Europe. Considerable media attention was 2011, the supply of a further 172 vehicles to Malta; put this (after Malta joined the EU in 2004) but at the same time the first Chinese sales success in the highly regulated market in the European Union dar. The delivery was preceded by a notice of the public bus service operated company Arriva; while the Chinese manufacturer was able to prevail against the established brands, including belonging to the Daimler AG subsidiary EvoBus.

Since 2004, King Long a large part in response to the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca required on-site coaches. The application makes special demands on motors, generators and brake systems, as the buses may go predominantly at high outside temperatures only at walking speed. For customer service tasks, which include the introduction of drivers, King Long is a specially trained staff with Arabic language skills.

In 2011, around 200 coaches were sold in Italy and built a largely widespread service network within a short time. For new registrations Coach Kinglong is in Italy in second place.

In the year 2012 100 King Long buses in London have been used during the Olympic Games. Overall, by mid-2012, according to the manufacturer's 2500 vehicles that mark in European countries.

In Germany vehicles of this brand are so far only as demonstration in use. At the 64th IAA 2012 in Hanover in September 2012, the company was with five new models ( including XMQ6800AGD, XMQ6996 and XMQ6130C ) represented.

Market observers point to the reasonable prices both for new vehicles as well as spare parts, well below those of European competitors are and could change in the long term the European bus market sustainably. Currently a market in Germany is the dealer network is not constructed in the way. Unlike Chinese manufacturers such as Ankai, building a service network only parallel to sales made, shows the procedure in Italy and Austria that Kinglong regardless of sales figures within the shortest possible time can build a nationwide service network. Since the caused by the debt of the cities and municipalities investment backlog are seen less sales opportunities for buses rather than coaches at private companies in many places in Germany blocked the purchase of new vehicles for public transport. Currently, the vehicles for Germany and Switzerland offered by a general contractor in Austria.

Group structure

King Long is of three capital holding company out: Xiamen CCRE Group Co. Ltd.. ( a state enterprise under the management of Xiamen City, (24%) ), Xiamen KLM Group Co. Ltd.. (51%) and Taiwan Sanyang Industry Co., Ltd.. ( 25%).

Kinglong in turn is the holding company for the company Golden Dragon Bus Company, Ltd.. and Higer Bus Company, Ltd.. The annual production capacity of the Group as a whole amounts to 152,000 vehicles of all sizes ( King Long: 77.000, Golden Dragon: 40,000 and 35,000 Higer ).

On Location Xiamen, there are two production lines with 450,000 m2 and 200,000 m2 area and in Shaoxing another plant with 150,000 m2. In total, around 4,000 people are employed (as of 2012).

The average growth rate of the Group was 34 % in recent years. During 2010, according to the company, with sales of 6,484 King Long buses a revenue of 1,132 million RMB was achieved, was reached in 2011 with the sale of 25,252 buses of different construction a turnover of more than 7,600 million RMB. The achieved profits enabled the company within a few years a nationwide service network in China with 30 Group branch offices, more than 100 dealers and 500 authorized workshops build. The huge foreign exchange reserves are used for the expansion of the global sales network in Asia, Africa, Australia, South America (except Brazil) and increasingly in Europe.

Economic environment and current development in China

Due to the very large population ( larger population than Europe and North America ) and the low level of motorization of the population is at the same time rapidly increasing spatial and social mobility in the People's Republic of China an annual demand for around 400,000 buses ( as of 2012), of which half for public transport.

Chinese cities are associated with significant air pollution, which is contributed by the growing motorization. The Government has therefore initiated extensive modernization campaigns to increasingly replace with the aim of mainly driven by diesel engines with new electric buses city buses. Industry insiders expect an annual domestic demand from 50,000 to 150,000 vehicles of this type. Moreover, the government has adopted in 2009 a value stored with subsidies economic plan, according to which the People's Republic is to be the worldwide market leader for electric buses within a few years. The program will also serve to effectively secure export and creation of permanent jobs for the young people flowing from the countryside to the cities.

In the capital Beijing alone, it is necessary to modernize more than 28,000 buses. King Long has therefore expanded its product range to hybrid buses and pure electric buses in recent years. Additionally, it provides with liquefied liquefied natural gas ( LNG), compressed natural gas ( CNG) and liquefied petroleum gas ( LPG) powered vehicles.

Current products

Kinglong offers a wide range of all types of buses to: The spectrum ranges from medium and large coaches on city buses ( as articulated to 18 meters in length and as a double-decker bus ) to special vehicles such as airport apron buses, buses with blood establishment, police and other emergency vehicles. In the category of minibuses that are not currently offered on the European mainland, ambulances and vans, for example, be produced as a postal vehicles. The school buses manufactured by Kinglong in different versions are not marketed in Europe, as in many countries, as in Germany, no new vehicles are used for the transportation of school children.

The marketing in Europe focuses on nine models:

  • XMQ6130Y, a three-axis comfort Coach ( 13 m length ) with up to 59 seats,
  • XMQ6129, a two-axis comfort Coach ( 12 meters ) with up to 55 seats,
  • XMQ66127, classic Coach ( 12 m length) and 36-55 seats,
  • XMQ66900, midi bus with up to 35 seats,
  • XMQ6800, midi bus with 25 to 31 seats,
  • XMQ66120C, Intercity bus (12 m length) with 55 seats,
  • XMQ6120AGD5, city bus (12 m length), 34 seats standing according to national regulations
  • XMQ6127J, classic city bus (12 m length ), 40 seats standing
  • XMQ6900J, city bus (9 m long) with 27 seats standing.

Are mainly used Cummins engines and ZF or Voith Drive Technology.


King Long bus XMQ6106G in China

King Long buses in the Philippines

King Long Bus XMQ6127 in England