Soar Automotive

The Qingdao SOAR Automotive Group (青岛 索尔 汽车 集团) is a 1991 -founded association of various companies with headquarters in Qingdao. The company is engaged in the manufacture of automobiles and trucks.

The premises comprises 40,000 m² on the 80 technicians and 180 people of other professions are employed. The activity began with the production of vehicle bodies for special vehicles of military operations, patient transport vehicles, show cars and other vehicles and conversions required for special use.

Since 2001, the company also deals with the production of car equipment, which are merely placed in small series. The production began with an open convertible for use by firefighters in the style of the 1920s. The vehicle at that time bore the name Saint Horse. The second model, however, is a built in license Asquith Mascot Courtesy bus as it was produced at this time, even in English Great Yeldham of the Asquith Motor Carriage. Based on the Ford Transit, the third model of the manufacturer, the idiosyncratic motorhome Shengma minibus (圣 马 小巴) was born. Even in the subsequent model, a saloon redolent a European to the current Lancia models, the idiosyncratic style is unmistakable.

The current model, however, since the late 2008, the Rolls- Royce Phantom V, which is also available in an extended wheelbase. Mainly popular shows the model as a representational vehicle at weddings or state occasions. The model is manufactured under license and is technically based on the Brilliance BS6. The dimensions of the long version amounts to 6900 x 1920 x 1750 mm. The maximum total weight is given to 2800 kg. For the drive, however, a Mitsubishi 4G64S4M provides with an output of 93 kW with a displacement of 2351 cc. The consumption per 100 km is given of work to 10.7 L.

Another model is the company's Brilliance appearing in retro style BS4 Funeral Hearse, which is designed as SUVs and forms a hybrid with the Japanese Isuzu Rodeo. Further based on the BS4 vehicles of SOAR Automotive are a revised version of luxury, which is simply called SOAR 1. This is offered as a station wagon.