Roewe (Chinese:荣 威, Rong Wei) is a October 2006 existing automotive brand in the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC ) of the People's Republic of China.


As a result of the bankruptcy of MG Rover Group acquired the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, the blueprints of all Rover models. The production lines and machines were purchased in 2006 by the then competitors of SAIC, which also Chinese Nanjing Automotive Company (NAC ), which holds the naming rights to the subsidiary NAC MG and MG founded. Under pressure from the Chinese government merged the two companies to bring about cost savings for the almost identical models of SAIC and NAC MG.

The first model was presented at the Beijing Auto Show 2006. Under the brand Roewe wanted to conceive until 2011 at least 30 different models. The company had targeted sales of 120,000 units per model and year. Were actually realized until then but only five models.


A fundamental problem existed between BMW and the Shanghai Automotive Group with regard to the naming rights to Rover. The release of rights has been denied consistently by BMW. Thus remained for the Shanghai Automotive Group as the only way to develop a distinct brand name and an independent label. For this purpose, were the original trademark and brand name Rover Godfather.

The adaptation of the brand name to the Chinese market presented a particular challenge So you put the name of two simple but ambiguous terms together. The word Roe is ( colloquially often for king) for the meanings lion and honor. Wei stands for power and prestige. Literally translated, the brand name is therefore something like: "The lion of high reputation " or " From the royal face."

Model Overview

  • Vehicle coming from the acquisition of the MG Rover Group from BMW.
  • Further development of a Rover 75
  • A SsangYong Chairman in badge engineering.
  • Models based on a SsangYong.

Marketed in certain markets under the brand name of Morris Garages.

Concept Cars

  • 2007 Roewe W2 ( since 2008 Roewe 550 on the market)
  • 2007 Roewe Compacto ( start of production in late 2010 )