Europe Star (Chinese欧洲 明星, Pinyin ōuzhōu Mingxing ) is an automotive brand in the Lotus Group plc. The brand was founded in December 2008 in a joint venture with Jinhua Youngman Vehicle Co. Ltd.. Often the brand is (青年 莲花) qingnian ( Lianhua ), English Youngman ( Lotus ) () also known as Qingnian. They are manufactured vehicles in the prefecture-level city of Jinhua. Where the new brand name is used only in the export models, so this in the Chinese homeland as Lotus (莲花 汽车, Lianhua Qiche ) are sold.

The British sports car brand, however, be imported by the company and retain its British original logo. In addition, the Sport models are marketed under the heading Lotus Sports Cars (莲花 跑车, Lianhua pǎochē ) in order to differentiate themselves from Chinese models. Since the summer of 2011 is available as the brand 's newest model, the saloon Europe Star L5.

Model Overview

Since 2008 莲花L3三厢 Lotus L3 Hatchback Europe Star L3 Hatchback

Since 2008 莲花 竞速 Lotus Jingsu Lotus RCR Europe RCR

Since 2008 莲花 竞 悦 Lotus Jingyue Europe Star Jingyue

Since 2011 莲花L5 Lotus L5 Europe Star L5