The Xinkai Auto Manufacture Corporation (新 凯 汽车) is an automobile and commercial vehicle manufacturer with corporate headquarters in Gaobeidian, China. The foundation of the company goes back to the year 1984.

The manufacturer has an office in Gaobeidian and the production and assembly hall in Zhuozhou. Since 2004, the manufacturer of Mercedes -Benz has been working and mounts the Mercedes -Benz Commercial Vehicle in the small town of Tai'an. The vehicle parts for the van, the company produces itself and built for its own factory in Qinghe. The campus covers an area of ​​800,000 m². The annual production capacity is 200,000 units, of which 40,000 units of the Sprinter sister models ( according to Prime Minister Kurt Beck ), with a workforce of 2,000 employees. The production line to build the MB vehicles comes from the factory in Dusseldorf.

With this production capacity, the company is represented worldwide and sells its vehicles in its home country, especially in the Middle East with success. In 2003, Zhang Zhentang awarded the company the Bright Star, since the manufacturer in a row the most outstanding companies in Hebei Province was 10 years long. Xinkai car was also also one of the utilities for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Overall, the company hired 36 ambulance wagons converted vehicles available.

Model Overview

  • Mercedes -Benz Ambulance (梅赛德斯-宾士 救护车)
  • Mercedes -Benz Commercial Vehicle (梅赛德斯-宾士 奔驰 商务 车)
  • Mercedes -Benz Police Car (梅赛德斯-宾士 警车)
  • Xinkai Century Dragon Extended Version (新 凯 世纪 蛟龙 加长版)
  • Xinkai Century Dragon Standard Edition (新 凯 世纪 蛟龙 标准 版)
  • Xinkai Coach Car (新 凯 教练 车)
  • Xinkai Fashion Star (新 凯 时尚 之 星)
  • Xinkai Kai Sheng (新 凯 凯胜)
  • Xinkai Light Truck (新 凯 轻卡)
  • Xinkai Rui Teng (新 凯 锐 腾)
  • Xinkai Ruiup (新 凯 锐 达)
  • Xinkai Single Cabine PickUp (新 凯 单 排 皮卡)
  • Xinkai Star City (新 凯 都市 之 星)