Etsong Vehicle Manufacturing

Etsong Automobile Manufacturing Company is a Chinese automobile manufacturer based in Qingdao, Shandong Sheng. In 1995 the company was founded as a joint venture between the Etsong Tobacco Company and the financially ailing MG Rover Group. MG Rover invested ¥ 500 million for the construction of production facilities and equipped the factory with latest machines. The total area of the plant site is 259 hectares.

In December 1997, the company with two concept cars drew attention to himself, which resembled one of the 1994 set in England Austin Maestro. In March 1998, the production of vehicles based on it series was launched under the model name Lubao Ruby and Lubao Laird. When John Dalton turned in April due to the financial situation of MG Rover against the agreed five - year plan, the Chinese government announced the hitherto existing joint venture on with immediate effect. In order to avert a possible lawsuit, the manufacturer subjected the vehicle models a facelift. Since 2007, the automobile manufacturer owned 50 percent of China's Jilin Group.

Model Overview


The compact model of the brand was the Lubao QE6400 or Lubao Ruby, an offshoot of the former Austin Maestro. As motorization of the 4- cylinder gasoline engine 8A -FE Toyota served with a displacement of 1,342 cc and an output of 64 kW. This gave a top speed of 145 km / h and took 22 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour. The fuel consumption was 5.5 L per 100 km. The Lubao was also produced as a panel van with and without side window under the name Lubao QE6440 or Lubao Laird at the same engine.

In April 2000, the Lubao was revised by external light retouching and an entirely new interior.

2003, the production rights to the Lubao of the First Automotive Works were purchased. The now -called Lubao CA6410 got the front end of the previous Austin Montego and now wore the FAW logo. The van was deleted from the model program. 2005 FAW bought the work to complete and divided it among his corporate hierarchy within the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation. 2007 production of Lubao has been set.

Generation Overview


In July 2000, the landing or landing QE6400 Ruby was presented based on the Austin Montego. Based in the middle class vehicle should appeal especially to the rising middle class. So there was the landing as four - and five-door notchback sedan, as well as a five-door estate with the name QE6440 landing or landing Laird. The engines were taken from Lubao. The model change took place simultaneously to the smaller Lubao held up to its production end of 2007. Since the opening of new production facilities in Chengdu and Sichuan in the same year, the company sells its vehicles under the brand name Yema. The Ruby was lack of buyer interest deleted and replaced by the newer Estate, the Laird remained in the model program. The country estate is based, like its predecessors, on the Montego. The redesigned front end consists of components of the Kia Group. An external independent variant, the terrain combi landing Estate SUV dar.

Generation Overview

Other models

  • F99 ( SQJ6451, plagiarism of the Subaru Forester )
  • G-1 (plagiarism of the Matra M72 )
  • Wild Horse (SUV based on the Land Rover )