Nanjing Fiat Automobile

The Nanjing Fiat Automobile Co., Ltd.. ( in Chinese spelling :南京 菲亚特 汽车 有限公司) is a former automotive manufacturers from Nanjing in the People's Republic of China. The company was founded in April 1999 with a total investment of 3 billion yuan as a joint venture between Fiat and Nanjing Automobile Group. Around 30000-35000 automobiles were produced here every year for the Chinese market.

Production grew the plant in November 2001 with the production of the small car Fiat Palio. This was followed in September 2002 on the Fiat Siena saloon and in June 2003, finally, the combined Fiat Palio Weekend and the MPV Fiat Doblò. The last model produced here in the series had become established in July 2006 Fiat Perla. With around 6,100 units produced during the just under three -month-long production of Perla is regarded by collectors and enthusiasts as one of the rarities among the models of the Fiat brand, because Nanjing was the only production site for this model.

Furthermore, was scheduled the launch of the Fiat Linea for 2007, which here on behalf of Fiat Auto SpA in cooperation with the Turkish Tofaş A.Ş. had been developed. However, through a notice at the end of the part of the Nanjing Automobile Group, the Italian company was forced to leave the production site no later than the end of the year and to stop production. Thus, the Chinese company had now given way to its new brand Roewe, a stickler for the British Rover to be able to establish themselves in the Chinese market. Fiat, which would have been legally compelled by this refusal to fully withdraw from the Chinese market, meanwhile, decided some licenses to the International Zotye for sale, in order to continue to operate at least the sales organization. For October 2006 Fiat finally presented then their production in Nanjing, a.

It was only in July 2012 Fiat will act as a Chinese automobile manufacturers about their new joint venture GAC Fiat Automobiles. The plant is currently under construction.

Model Overview

Fiat Siena 菲亚特 西耶那 09 /2002 bis 10/2006

Fiat Palio Weekend 菲亚特 派力奥 06 /2003 not 10/2006

Fiat Doblò 菲亚特 多 宝 06 /2003 not 10/2006

Fiat Perla 菲亚特 派 朗 07 /2006, until 10/2006

Fiat Linea 菲亚特 领 雅 Production of the Linea did not take place in Nanjing.