Shuanghuan Auto

Shijiazhuang Shuanghuan Automobile Co., Ltd.. is a 1986 in the People's Republic of China based automobile manufacturer with headquarters in Shijiazhuang, Hebei. The company sells its vehicles under the brand name Shuanghuan car and Bicyclic in inland China and Shuanghuan than in other markets. The brand name is known mainly for its plagiarism in the press. 2002 bought Shuanghuan on the Red Star Auto Manufacturing Company and acquired by your own dealership and service chain called Red Star. 2009 Shuanghuan was then. Itself from the Liaoning SG Automotive Co, Ltd. bought. Shuanghuan uses the vehicle identification number HBJ.

Commercial Vehicles

First model of the manufacturer was a PickUp called Shuanghuan Laibao. This well-established in April 1988 SUV Pickup was a plagiarism of the former Toyota Hilux. Above all, companies and families in rural areas, this model should benefit. However, the expected sales not achieved. To set the manufacturer 's expectations for the next time down, let the car but still in production. Even today the HBJ 6460 is built. Only in 1998 established Shuanghuan his second model. This was around the Shuanghuan Jiaolian, which also stood as PickUp in the execution HBJ 6460 and as HBJ 5020 as a panel van with windows to choose from. The model had visual similarities to the Toyota RAV4. Shuanghuan 2002 took the model from its model range. In the summer of 1999 introduced the Shuanghuan Rabo S- RV was its sister model, and was produced on behalf of the marketing company Laibao. The Rabo S- RV was built until December 2007.

Cars and SUVs

2002 Shuanghuan now has been renowned in the automotive production and presented its luxury SUV called Shuanghuan SCEO (internal C9). With this the company is now managed finally be planned breakthrough and was represented from now on also on other markets. In 2006, however, came to the first clashes, as the Italian manufacturer 's produced under license from the SCEO Martin Motors CEO presented at the Bologna Motor Show. BMW imputed Shuanghuan to produce a plagiarized the BMW X5, and tried consistently to prevent an exhibition on all other car shows in Europe. Among other things, BMW was able to obtain a sales ban in Germany. Two other plagiarism brought Shuanghuan 2004 under the name Shuanghuan Bubble Shuanghuan Noble forth, which were very similar to the German smart city-coupé. Internal wore these the term S6. Also, they should bring the manufacturer another success and he drove this world except Germany. In Greece, Mercedes -Benz procured an exhibition and import ban. The cheaper bubble was canceled in late 2007 from the model program. These two models were launched by the Italian Martin Motors. 2007 already outdated Rabo S- RV has been revised and face lifted. Also the interior has undergone a modernization and upgraded with the times. Unlike its predecessor, the S- RV Shuanghuan is now, however, a pure SUV, and is not convertible as a commercial vehicle. In addition, he is also only intended for export. Thus, as of July 2010 under the brand name Shuanghuan only the SUV and CEO of microcars Noble in the model program available.