Rover 75

Rover 75 (1998-2004)

The Rover 75 is a car model of the upper middle class, which was manufactured by the British car manufacturer MG Rover Group from autumn 1998 to mid-2005 in Longbridge in Birmingham. In addition to the sedan, a station wagon ( Rover 75 Tourer ) and Sport versions under the designation MG ZT and MG ZT -T ( Tourer ) were offered from mid-2001. Production of all models was set when the MG Rover Group collapsed.


The 75 was launched in early 1999 on the market, as Rover belonged to BMW Group. He should replace the model 600 and 800 lines. The vehicle itself was developed completely in-house Rover, with little influence from BMW page, but using a number of components from the home. In the diesel variant CDT (85 kW ) of the Rover 75 was the same engine as the BMW 320d ( E46 ) for use while at the gas engines Rover 's own engines, the K - series (1.8 liter 4 cylinder, 88 kW ) or KV6 series ( 2.0 and 2.5 liter V6, 110 or 130 kW) were used.

The car was praised for its excellent driving characteristics, his idiosyncratic rounded interior design, its quality and traditional English style. The design was created by Richard Woolley, who has also designed the Rover 600. Critics found the " retro style " styling but too specific to older buyers. Nevertheless, the model won a number of international awards, including some for its elegant appearance.

The installation was originally settled in Cowley, after cleavage Rovers from the BMW Group was relocated from 2000 to Long Bridge.

In August 2001 the wagon version with the addition Tourer was introduced, and he was followed by the MG ZT and MG ZT - T estate version.


Beginning of 2004 revised the design of the Rover 75, to give it a more modern look. The new design was received with mixed feelings by the trade press, and Rover announced a few months later to the new V8 model with a completely different design grille.

They say this grille was inspired by former V8 models, but it caused some irritation, because he looked like the new ( presented later ) big Audi. A Pullman limousine with a long wheelbase, called Rover 75 Vanden Plas, with 20 cm more external length possessed these new grille also.

The facelift was limited in the existing models is not just limited to externals - motor technically the CDTi model with 96 -kW diesel engine and the 1.8 -liter turbo petrol engine in the Rover 75 were also introduced with 110 kW.

Rear view

Rover 75 Tourer (2004-2005)

Roewe 750

Following the bankruptcy of MG Rover Group the blueprints for the Rover 75 at the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation and the production lines and machines were sold to the Nanjing Automotive Company. Under the common brand Roewe production is continued on the technically and visually revised Roewe 750 since 2006.


  • 2.0 CDT: in-line four -cylinder turbo diesel engine with 1951 cc and 85 kW/115 hp ( 1999-2003)
  • 2.0 CDTi: in-line four -cylinder turbo diesel engine with 1951 cc and 96 kW/130 hp ( 2003-2005)


  • Classic
  • Classic SE
  • Club ( Germany: Charm )
  • Club SE
  • Connoisseur ( Germany: Celeste )
  • Connoisseur SE
  • Vanden Plas ( long with 200 mm wheelbase)
  • Classic
  • Connoisseur ( Germany: Charm L)
  • Connoisseur SE ( Germany: Celeste L)
  • Contemporary ( Germany: Charm S)
  • Contemporary SE ( Germany: Celeste S)
  • Vanden Plas
  • 120 (1.8 L K- series)
  • 160/160 (initial 2.5 -liter suction, later 1.8 liter with turbo)
  • 180 ( 2.5 liter KV6 with Jatco automatic )
  • 190 (2.5 L V6)
  • 260 (4.6 liter V8 derived from the Ford Mustang )