Rover Streetwise

Rover Streetwise five-door

The Rover Streetwise is a small car the Rover brand. It is based on the Rover 25 In April 2005, production of the Streetwise was, like all other Rover vehicles set.


The body was provided with bulky bumpers and side protection molding. The resulting associations with an SUV were intended by MG- Rover. The terrain -looking Streetwise was designed as a front wheel drive vehicle, but had a higher ground clearance than the Rover 25 Although he shared many stylistic details with the Rover 25, he sat down by large plastic bumpers gray or black plastic visually by the parallel model. The headlamps and fog lamps corresponded unlike the normal production model where the Rover 25 (1999-2005). Most models had standard 16 "wheels, roof rails also completed the SUV look.

Special Features

For the Streetwise there was a choice of 4 or (optional) 5 seats in the interior. Standard were 4 seats, with the rear body shape individual seats were in part - leather trim and a center armrest possessed. All models possessed electric front windows, driver and passenger airbags, ABS and BAS. The S and SE models were available with a leather steering wheel, leather trim on the gear lever and air conditioning. The switch for the power windows are arranged in three -door model in the vicinity of the hand brake. Many switch received a new design and were framed with chrome trim. All Streetwise models had a so-called " Traffic Master " ( the early form of a navigation system ) and a CD player as standard equipment. The Streetwise was also equipped with rear parking sensors, either as standard or as an optional extra for the more expensive models.


For the Streetwise were three petrol engines (1.4 liter, 1.6 liter, 1.8 liter "Step Speed" (Automatic ) ) and a 2.0 liter turbo diesel to choose from.

After production

After the collapse of the MG Rover Group lot of people withdrew their advantage of price discounts (up to 50 percent) that were offered on some model lines. 2005 the cost of a used Streetwise 2.0 TD SE with less than 10,000 miles (16,000 miles) at an original factory price of 12000 GBP only 6000-6500 Sterling ( Before the collapse of MG Rover used car price was at 9500 GBP). Even the otherwise rare zufriedenzustellende British automotive journalist Jeremy Clarkson advised the interested parties to purchase a Rover, but there were also contrary recommendations. Also prevailed in the summer of 2005, still no clarity as to whether Rover spare parts would continue to be widely available. However, since the complete spare parts business had been pushed off to the company Caterpillar Logistics end of 2004, it rarely came to supply shortages. In addition, at that time gave some traders on their own warranties, notwithstanding the fact that MG- Rover could no longer stand as a defunct company for such obligations.